Two months without Tamara: the impotent struggle of forgetfulness of the national


A teenage girl reads, sucks, sits on the lawn on the banks of the Bío Bío, while the sun slowly falls in the middle of the hills surrounding the Chiguayante community. This may be the last picture of Tamara Zurita Ortega, a 21-year-old girl who disappeared two days after she was photographed on September 25.

"With her she was a regal, tender, cheerful, she hugged hugs, she once masked herself to share hugs in the street, with her friends worried, wrapped, and tried to solve the life of all her friends," says her mother Lorna Ortega.

"That's why it was the theme of Telethon, which encouraged him to help. He had been in earlier kesissä helping, but now he was successful as a permanent volunteer and met him. I have worked with children to learn to use wheelchairs, and that made him happy," he tells us.

Tamara practiced karate, football, dancing, zumba, he was always in action. He had left the physical trainer's career because he was planning to study nursing and work in Concepcino.

When his parents suggested the possibility of working in the south, given the complex work involved in the area, he rejected the idea directly.

He did not even want to go abroad for six months during the school year. "Do you want to kick me out of the house?" He said ironically.

But on the other hand, in Chiguayante, one of the reasons was his active participation in the pastoral group "Meeting Young People in the Holy Ghost" (EJES).

"Tamara did not even go round when the next day I had AXES, I said" no, I'm going to sleep all sleepy, sleep "and stayed home," Lorna says.

Tamara Zurita | Associated with BBCL
Tamara Zurita | Associated with BBCL

Almost 200 lost

His name, like nearly 200 people, is listed on missing persons that PDI's human rights sites are updated on their website.

Every day, the police have complaints about people's losses, and even though a large percentage of positive outcomes that civilian policymakers account for in 90% of cases resolved, even within the first 24 hours of an alert, there is still a percentage of people whose tracing is unknown.

Commissioner Manuel Fuentes, Brigade of Location of Persons (Briup) and the age and circumstances of disappearances vary.

However, there are reasons related to the age group where children under the age of 18 voluntarily abandon their homes to stop schooling, rebellion, drug dependence and domestic violence.

At that time, between 18 and 60 years, for example, there are work problems, depression, marriage, various figures that can cause a person's disappearance, either at their own will or through the participation of third parties.

Elderly adults have diseases that are directly associated with age such as Alhzeimer or senile dementia, disorders that cause confusion and thus the apparent risk of disappearance.

"We have the efficiency of almost 95 percent of the studies, and I am sure that the majority of cases are due to the voluntary repatriation home. People here do not go away from disappearing, but for the most part voluntarily gave up kotistaan ​​a variety of reasons," says Commissioner Fuentes.

"However, there is a small percentage that is not visible due to different variables. There are people who look dead either through third parties or through accidents, suicides, or other circumstances," adds an official.

This list of people who are not yet seen is young Tamara Zurita.

"Every time I go through the river, it gives me something … But I know Tamara is not there."

– Lorna Ortega

Great unknown

What happened to Tamara? Andrés, his father, is silent for a few seconds before answering a question he has heard many times, maybe two months, and there is still no reasonable explanation.

"I am destroyed, and everything I needed, Telethon, AXES, the next day was his mother's birthday and she was the first Telethon children's driving. In other words,
He would have had a problem, he would be very sad, but … want to kill himself? Reject it, "he says vigorously.

"And that he has gone according to his will, do not persuade me, he would have taken something, a scarf, a coat because he was cold," he adds.

"There is a presumed record that Tamara wanted to kill, I do not know where it came from. I want to ask the prosecutor what it came from, but I do not think so," Andrés demands.

In answering the answers, his younger sister found a Wattpad reader and writer online community where different people made book reviews and also published their own texts.

One of the writings, called Desahogos de una escritora, is in love with a very close friend he loved, but unfortunately for his feelings he had a relationship with another person.

"I'm wrong, seriously, but ironically, I'm more angry as a friend as" love ", the truth is that I can take the love part, there is no problem if I got to the point that I tell him that I did not want to see him when the other is happy but tired, I feel that life puts someone in front of me, perfect for me, but it has so many problems that I can not have it, and maybe I can never do that, someone who changed over the world overnight changed it rather, I was happy, it happened as a happy month until she appeared …

Although she changed the name of her protagonist, her family is clear who was a young man Tamara fell in love.

However, they are not concerned with their disappearance. Although the expert reports showed that his latest data transfer from your mobile phone was about 7:25 pm, which is possibly the famous Whatsapp recordings with Nicolas, his close friend.

"We started by looking at his notebook and noticed that Tamara had fallen in love with Nicolli, even though he always said he was his friend. They had a relationship and Nicolas covered it, even a letter where he agreed not to interfere with his present relationship and apparently failed to deliver it." Andrés Zurita says.

Notify me now

In any case, before suspect disappearance, the PDI recommends not to wait for a complaint about the alleged failure.

"The complaint must be made as soon as possible, in the past it was a myth that it had to wait 24 or 48 hours, but it is not effective," Commissioner Fuentes points out.


In the case of Tamara, her parents made a complaint three hours after her disappearance.

"On that day, Tamara went to the office and asked the ophthalmologist for a meeting and told me he was going to read in the park." I came from work about six in the afternoon and played him in the daylight, he said annoyingly and told me to come later ", recalls Lorna.

"I started him in eight and he sent me to the voice mail, I sent him whatsapp messages, they came to him, but he never read them." After starting to ask friends, no one knew, and immediately realized something was wrong.

Soon after Lore, Andrés told him what had happened, so when they arrived, they went down the river to find him without success. Time passed, it was dark and no one knew about Tamara.

"When we went to make a complaint about ten thirty nights, Carabineros asked how fast we had been to report, and we replied that it was just because we knew Tamara, he warned if he was going to stay or if he came later," Andrés says.

According to the PDI, after a complaint, an investigation protocol is immediately activated, in which relatives and close friends are established to know whether they have been in contact with him and to play or visit where he is visiting, by collecting a greater possible background for finding a person within the first 24 hours.

Despite the fact that in most cases it is possible to find a whereabouts, if no positive results are achieved, the PDI will notify the prosecutor's office in order to obtain an explanation.

"For example, Concepcossa has many investigations of suspected suspects, but there is a large number of people, but Concepción is another area with more research on the alleged failure," Fuentes explained.

A lonely witness

"She is a woman walking with dogs who saw her," Lorna says. "She saw the girl sitting with the headphones, she noticed her and spoke to her, but Tamara did not hear through the headphones, and she saw two young people who were like lumps, and she hit the girl alone, and the car that saw the river," Lorna says .

"They have not found these groups, there are no cameras, with the car, you do not even know if it's a car or a truck," Andrés adds.

Some young people who saw similar features in the center of Concepción with a suspicious man tried to follow his path to Candelaria in San Pedro. But without the encouragement of asking for groups of boys who went to the field, they wanted to come back. Tamara's parents say the prosecutor's office is investigating this piece, but so far data has not been given in detail.

"Both Briup (People Location Brigade) and BH (Homicide Brigade), Carabineros, OS-9, have checked and registered, they have done their job," they emphasize.

"The fact that he wanted to kill me, I'm going to lose it, does not suit me, and Nicole's problem is not enough." Another thing he wanted to go was that he had never told us he had something with Nicolas, that he wanted to get around, but he would have called, "says Andrés.

Alberto González | BBCL
Alberto González | BBCL

"Both the prosecutor, the Commissioner and the lawyer tell us" things are done, but what are the things we do not know yet, everything has been very tight, "Andrés complains.

"In Cabrero, a girl named Belén came from Concepcón, PDI was interviewed and it was just the title field. It was searched in Chaitén where she was on vacation with her grandparents, but questions remain questionable, she says.

"Things are done so that Matute Case does not repeat that there were many mistakes, the prosecution is so strict," Andrés says.

How long are you looking for?

The list of missing persons includes cases from Arica-Punta Arenas and contains a record that runs from January 1994 to 24 years ago – only a few days ago.

When a report is made about the alleged failure, a mandate is issued at national level if a person performs a procedure to obtain a document or, for example, leaves the country. Likewise, if a person is dead and his body has been sent to a forensic unit.

This order is always valid, regardless of the investigation times handled by the prosecutor's office, which may even close the investigation. The PDI still looks for missing persons and when a new record is found, the public ministry will be notified of the resumption of the investigation.

"We are crossed arms because, as NGOs want to help us, we do not know where to look, the prosecution has not told where to go," Tamara's parents say.

"It produces impotence because there is nothing", they complain.


"His piece is intact, in these two months I have not even gone to clean up … It's strong," Lorna says with her obvious sorrow for her vote.

"I'm afraid it's going to be an eternal case because we met people who have been looking for years," he adds.

"We quickly succeeded, two days after two prosecutors, two police officers working, but through the network of contacts and friends they started to pressurize, we are not a family of resources and that's not the case," they explain.

In this sense, they thank the network of friends, finance search costs and understanding their leaders, which have allowed them to adapt their work schedules.

In this regard, they say to us that they look at the possibility of making an extravagant law for people who have no financial resources. "There are shortcomings, many protocols that can take 3 or 4 days to search, make a triangle between the antennas of telephone companies," they say.

"People Location Prigat is just Santiago, and they have to take it out and bring them to the regions. The sooner the appeal is made and the procedure is done, the better," they say.

Social networks, two-edged sword

According to the PDI, the use of social networks has two effects, so its usability to interact with people is relative.

"There are people who look through social networks, especially when young adults are using them too much to communicate with their friends," said Commissioner Fuentes.

However, the internet does not necessarily have useful information that uses time and resources.

"Social networks give to anyone who can not be identified to provide information that is unreliable and we have to check it in any case and we also have to spend a lot of time in the investigation, especially in the case of a high public interest", complains of a clerk .

The same applies to the so-called " "Psyche", which often appears to provide information to the family.

"We work in a technical scientific study, we do not work with mental, mentalists or others. We do not object to the family having the freedom to access such information, but we focus only on science-technical research that theories give us a theory or a work hypothesis," Fuentes said.

Tamara Zurita | Tasks for BBCL
Tamara Zurita | Tasks for BBCL

Zurita Ortega's hope

"If we have his own means, let her little heart open and say, I do not want to spend more bad times with her parents, her grandparents who have a bad time more than we do," says Lorna eyes full of tears.

"In the case of death, you can mourn your beloved, with your patience, but this is because of unknown or uncertain what is happening to him, where he is, whether he is alive or whether he is dead, kidnapped him, what they did to him, killed him, wanted to kill himself, All these things go through your head and it's every day, "he says.

"I do not give this to the worst enemy because uncertainty is every day," he adds.

"I still want to see Tamara, for my heart tells me that Tamara is alright, she is alive, sometimes I come to the floor, but the forces are there to say," No, we find her, "says Lorna, his voice breaking.

"I know life goes on, I have to fight to avoid depression and we can not drop because we have another daughter," he reflects.

Tamara Zurita | Facebook
Tamara Zurita | Facebook
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