Typographer »Only hours from the PSU What role does the pupil's family have to be?


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This Monday begins a university experiment, which is a major stress among young people, so it is important that the family environment is a contribution in which anxiety and frustration are handled appropriately. to talk to them.

That is why psychologists Claudia Sarrazín and Cristina Vera, who work at the Chilean Family Therapy Institute (IChTF) for children and adolescents in family therapy, make recommendations for both students and their families and that they can be the key at the time of delivering electricity.

  • It is recommended that these days young people look at the weakest topics and make essays on how to use practical questions.
  • Ask them to keep learning rutin, but without stress or new courses, it's better to relieve the tension at this time.
  • Talk to the children (as) by clarifying that in this test their future is not necessarily just because it is always possible to study again and give it a year.
  • Connect them more to this time: some do not want parents to think, but it's good that they feel involved and that their families are connected to what they live.
  • Above all, you have to use the role of emotional isolation, be there when they are anxious, help them relax, take them to coffee, watch movies, etc. Something that helps them relax and content.
  • On the previous day it is advisable to take a day off, play something with your family, rest, eat something rich that is not too heavy so you will not be shocked the next day.
  • If stronger stress images are presented, it is advisable to visit an expert, never self-care and if they prescribe medicines, hopefully they will start taking those days earlier to try the effects on the person. Never take the medicine for the first time on the test day.
  • When the test is done, if the young person does not work well, it is important to help them think that "life does not end if we are doing poorly in the power supply". Dreams do not end, nor is the idea of ​​implementing projects to be overwhelmed.


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