Saturday , May 8 2021

UDI confirms its most toughest and most conservative line: Jacqueline van Rysselberghe is re-elected as president of the party

The Eighth Senator was placed in his "rivals" for Vice President Javier Macaya for the first time after an electronic vote. Before knowing the official results, the current president was already sharing his party in social networks and its supporters celebrating the announcements with Pinochet and Jair Bolsonaro. After 21 hours, he celebrated at the party headquarters, which is a serious setback for so-called "evaders" of trade unions, such as Juan Antonio Coloma, who put all his chips on Macaya's reuser. In La Moneda, they hope that the continuity of Van Rysselberghen will enable the ruler to be steered more into the coalition before José Antonio Kastin in this area [ACTUALIZADA]

The Independent Democratic Union (UDI) decided to renounce the policy of Chile to the strongest and most conservative, and re-elected senator Jacqueline van Rysselberghe, who won the deputy Javier Macaya in Sunday's election.

Following the disgrace of the electoral elections, on Sunday, December 2, today, the grem-like voter returned to the vote, this time in the form of a classic pen and paper.

According to the results, the current president of the party won 52% of militants' preferences while his opponent was 48%. Before delivering final calculations, the Senator celebrated his victory with his Instagram account and his supporters continued to celebrate, mentioning the late dictator Augusto Pinochet and Jair Bolsonaro, the new Chilean right elected by the Brazilian president.

UDI's traditional headquarters of where the delivery of the official calculations, was to be expected, both candidates gathered, one representative of each party Oscar Aguilera JVR: In addition to Macaya and Jorge Alessandrin in addition to a representative of the Supreme Court of the party's General Secretary in Kort. After just over 21 hours, the senator declined and issued an opinion to formalize his continuity as a commander in the midst of his party supporters. "We are very proud to be able to call more than 13,000 people so they can vote and no party can say," he said in order to rotate his rival to thank him for his healthy and loyal competition.

With the blast "Colonel"

UDI does not have a generation change – at least least – since JVR was also exceeded if the problems of 2016 Jaime Bellolion have now prevailed before the Sixth Zone deputy.

The result is not just a setback for Macaque, who tried in vain to stop "Coca," but also a hit that was the last ten "Colonel" Juan Antonio Coloma, who put all his chips to support the substitute and restore the community.

Macaya's strategy was to appeal to old guards, as at the last moment he showed another emblematic "everstilen" (now retired) to Jovino Novo with whom he shares himself in social networks. But in the end Macaya's veto in the historical instructors of the parties did not give him a return.

At the time of the balance, Macaya decided to see the glass half full and concentrate on making a competitive choice: "In a short time we could overcome the difference and practically do almost the same".

Coca's strategy

Thus, the UDI militants have ratified their confidence in the JVR, a senator who has characterized his hard position, for example, in three abortion and gender identity acts. In addition, the Allied helmsman did not hesitate to visit Brazil to meet with candidate Jair Bolsonaro before the second round, and this week he acted as a son of his son Eduardo during his visit to Chile.

In recent weeks and with the failure of electronic voting when Macaya was expected to return to the country, the Senator gave important strikes and added support from the mayors Evelyn Matthey and Joaquín Lavín. But also from the extreme, it remained unchanged to get all controversial deputy prime minister Ignacio Urrutia, who announced his vote on JVR to defend the "Pinochet" on me.

In his government, Interior Minister Andrés Chadwick decided to continue the well-groomed evers and maintain public release on this issue even though he played privately on both sides of his card. And even though it was known that in La Moneda they favor Macaya's profit, given that Van Rysselberghe is a less manageable figure, at least they claim that its continuity makes it possible for him to "order a house" from the extreme side of Chile. all the pressure put forward by José Antonio Kastin in this field.

In short, and with the embarrassment of the electoral vote, UDI elections this Sunday, normally, except for certain events, as many militants claimed to be able to vote online, but when they came to the scene, the vote was not in the list or they were told to go to a place that was not final, so the same party arranged a van to drive the wrong voters.

Van Rysselberghe will be joined in January by Senator Ena von Baer, ​​Vice-President Juan Manuel Fuenzalida, Vitacura Patricia Alessandri and Simón Yévens Flores as Vice-Presidents. The General Secretariat is in the hands of Los Alamos's young mayor, Jorge Fuentes.

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