Saturday , May 8 2021

Unusual: US law condemns a poacher to see "Bambi" | society

State Judge Missouri, he condemned in the United States poacher with multiple relapses to watch the movie regularly bambi, a classic Walt Disney which tells about a forest whose mother kills a hunter.

David Berry will have to watch an animated movie at least once a month during a one year imprisonment period that was imposed after "One of the most important poaching situations in the state".

Berry and his family are suspected of killing hundreds during the peasage three years, said the Missouri Protection Authority in his statement December 13.

"The boys were trophies of men who were killed illegally, mainly at night, on their heads, while elsewhere the body was left in place"said Lawrence County District Attorney Don Trotter.

A convicted midwife "He is required to see Bambi's Walt Disney event for the first time before December 23, 2018, and then he will do it at least once a month in prison"said Justice Robert George, told by the Springfield News-Leader magazine.

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