Tuesday , April 20 2021

Veterinary medicine and health bulletin

At present, the Health Care Regulation does not recognize veterinarians as health professionals because their design emphasizes human rehabilitation and sets the perspective where our profession, which does not provide clinical care to humans, is marginalized.

This concept is outdated and biased because health is more than clinical. International organizations such as the OIE, FAO and WHO, academic institutions and research centers have recommended addressing current health problems from a “single health” perspective, demonstrating the importance of the close interdependence of human and animal health and the environment. connects even more that today we have been living for more than a year in a zoonotic pandemic that has claimed millions of lives worldwide and caused enormous social and economic consequences.

The lack of veterinary medicine in our main regulatory framework: health rules leads to a health policy that overlooks our rights and responsibilities and our important role in protecting and promoting human health in vital areas such as food safety, epidemiological surveillance, eco-research and sustainable development of diseases affecting the human population (including CO

Gaps in our profession need to be closed, such as the illegal pursuit of a profession, the prescribing of psychotropic and narcotic drugs, the lack of a policy that recognizes the relationship between animal and human health, or the lack of public awareness of our role. They all need our presence in this legislation.

Progress will be slow when the ISP (Institute of Public Health) incorporates the vision of “One Health” into the regulation (RES. 42.561, January 2020) or when a veterinarian like Seremi de Salud is ratified, milestones that we are clearly celebrating but making us see how marginalized we are. when dealing with exceptions, and the urgent need to continue the stalled process in the Senate from the end of 2019, which would allow for re-accession to Book V of the Health Care Act and can be considered by health professionals. A concept practiced daily by thousands of veterinarians around the country.

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