Sunday , March 7 2021

VIDEO: Small robots "swim" through eyeballs to give medicines

Last Friday at the German Medical Research Institute, a team led by Max Planck's scientists published Science Promotions on research into new ophthalmic treatment methods. In the Didactic release, this Wednesday, a release published in the Science publication, which explains the information in its graphical form.

The research reflects research work on revolutionary nanobots made with 3D printers to improve eye care. It states that in the future, which at this time appears far away, these robots can be used to transport and deliver narcotics to humans and to prevent illnesses.

"Microswitches" are 200 times which is smaller than the human hair width and has a spiral joint that facilitates the journey through the glassy jelly. After examining them in the eye of 10,000 eyes, scientists have said they can be more efficient and faster like eye drops or injections. The research revealed that they passed through the pig's eye 10 times faster which particles are of the same size.

As a model for tadpoles, they have a slippery coating in order to move without damaging the eyeball. They would introduce medicines that could be used to treat glaucoma or diabetic retinopathy.

At present, the most common techniques are intravitral injections or eye drops. Although they are effective, they need a lot of time to get the medication to focus on the problem.

Its immediate projection

One of the most common diseases that require eye injection is age-related macular degeneration due to diabetes that blocks the blood vessels or determines their abnormal growth.

The facts nickel and controlled by an external magnetic field, small robots should also be injected they do not cover the entire surface from the eye They would go directly the origin of the disease. By using a live scanner to indicate your location, doctors could have a adequate control transfer them to all the necessary instructions.

They have not yet been tested for living creatures from which animals are used before human beings.

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