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Sunday, November 25, 2018


Chilen University coach Frank Kudelka referred to a successful match between his leaders and Deportes Iquique this Sunday at the national stadium he took from the battle in the headline of the layman but at least assured them of the Saan Copa Libertadores.

This Sunday, November 25, at the National Stadium, the Universidad de Chile could not resist Iquique Sports on the second final World Cup and only achieved a gooness bet that dropped them in the title title of the national championship but assured them of the place for the next Copa Libertadores. Therefore, the Argentine coach announced that the team did not respond to the circumstances.

"We had to win the game and we did not produce the goal, the nervousness made a spell, we were a pragmatic and simple team that did not have so much blink, but the practicality of searching for a quest and we were not today, we did very little, maybe we had possession of the ball but we played, he said at the press conference after the match.

"We were very static, with a phenomenal technical defect, and we were not able to implement the strategy that was fought by the fighting, I wanted to make the goal, I moved, I tried to change, but there was no generation of games." The other parties did not have technical prosperity, he added.

On the spot that secured U's next round of Copa Libertadores, Kudelka said that this achievement is not enough. "We came in third place, but I do not have enough, we had to win today and we do not have situations where you have to be in the circumstances, and today we were not, you have to be honest, it was ours in the defensive matches that cost us to solve them this was another one, "he stressed.

David Pizarro, who was his last match at the National Stadium, asked that trasandino explained that it is an important defeat for the next season. "Great pity, but they have certain decisions, he has an invaluable technical prosperity," he replied.

By completing, he made a brief analysis of U's season in which he clarified that they were never a strong team. "I believe that today we are fighting against our own resources, we are never a dazzling team, but a series of victories led us to this hope of fighting in the title, including the loss of other groups that were on us," he said.


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