We'll tell you how Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is a big contribution from Nintendo


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, released on December 7, has already violated the booking protocols and the ability of some users to play it has given us the ability to know certain game details.


Screenshots can be customized through the pause menu: Multiple filters and frames can be removed, you can disable the effects of hits, remove the "spin" button, and something that you can use to "frame a frame" even if you do not know what he refers to. These are reinforced frames and filters:

Frames: CinemaScope, film, art, parchment, canvas, focus on black lines, white concentric lines, flower, star, black bristle head, white brush cut, black logo 1 – 4, white logo 1-4

Shields: Closeup, Colorful, Bright, Green, Grayscale, Shadow, Sepia, Retro, Soft, Comic, Manga, Shock, Two Tone (Black)

More about Tropa Smash and Smash Total are shared:

Squad Strike has three options: The first option is a continuous battle where the winner stays as long as he wins ("When the fighter is KO, the next fighter will appear without problems"). Another option allows the winner to start a new fight with the same fighter and the loser has to change the other fighter ("The winner will start a new battle with his next opponent"). Finally, Best of Battle, where both players have to change to different fighters after each game ("Each fighter pair is fit, the winner does not like").

Total Smash: The first is the fight to the end ("Fight in every fight, though there is no way to come back!"), Which will follow the battle until the winner has decided ("Total Smash ends when you can not return") And finally the last option is complete battle ("Maximum Fighting Battles").

Some Mii suits have been removed from previous editions: Some Mega Man, Sonic, Monster Hunter, Tekken and Genoa suits are not present.

The Snake Codecs have returned, but they seem to appear to be featuring Super Smash Bros. Brawl movies, which means that no new characters have been created for characters that have not appeared in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

All the spirits found: You have a complete list here.


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has 1034 songs: Datameklarit have confirmed that Super Smash Bros. The Ultimate version has a total of 1034 compositions, which we can listen to even when the Nintendo Switch is in standby mode.

The Wii Shop Channel is Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: The mythical Wii Shop Channel is one of the 1034 songs mentioned above, but unfortunately we still do not know how the remix plays.


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