What is happening in the final Libertadores of the Boca? These are scenarios


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What if you play without the audience? This is one of the possibilities.

From the moment the first item fell to Boca Juniors, players started speculating about what happened and what happened.

It was Saturday, a couple of hours missing the match and already the Monumental Stadium River Plate was full, waiting for the ultimate decades of Copa Libertadores between two historic Argentine rivals.

On the other hand, there were theories of what was behind the attack that left several wounded players: if the battle between the police and the city government, or if there were 300 confiscation and 200,000 dollars in illegal sale

Maybe there was no conspiracy, and The lack of a police operation took the Boca bus into the red area that River fans killed.

Then, on the other hand, there are theories about what to happen.

The game was transferred twice on Saturday and was finally suspended on Sunday.

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The resolution is expected on Tuesday, when club presidents meet in Asunción with Alejandro Domínguez, Director of the South American Football Association (Conmebol).

This equation includes political variables, such as the organization of the G20 Summit in Buenos Aires on Friday with top world leaders and recent history, such as sanctions for equipment-related events.

In the midst of speculation and what teams have said, it is possible to compile three scenarios of what can happen.

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These are the men who decide what will happen now. From them, the friendliness of the photo is no longer visible.

It has been played on the river and with the public

The first option is to play under the same conditions as it was on Saturday, but better planned police operation.

The president of the river, the example of Rodolfo D Onofrio, is knocking on this option. And Mayor Horario Rodríguez, Larreta, admitted the operation was ineffective.

The first party, 2-2, was Bombonera de Boca and, in the absence of reciprocity theory, the return of the millionaire area.

The date is Saturday, December 8, one week after the G20 and one before the World Cup, starting on the 12th day when the Champion will play against Real Madrid and other regional Cup events.

This option threatens to face the same problem as the previous – fan violence – and gives an impression that there have been no sanctions.

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D & O Onofrio is a businessman and has been successful in President River, having headlines and financial solvency after the crisis. The river that loses on the tables would have a hard blow on him.

Oh, Boca wins at the tables

That is why Boca president, strong lawyer Daniel Angelici, claims that the river is said and according to Conmebol's rules, the game must be lost.

So Boca would be declared master on the desktop without having to play.

Angelici, who hopes to call on Boca's presidency in 2019, is based on Article 18 of the Statute, according to which clubs can be penalized by removing points and stadiums or participating in competitions.

In 2015 Libertadores, the river and Boca met in the semifinals and midway River players were invaded by fans with pepper spray. The game was suspended, Boca was penalized and the river went to the finals and won the tournament.

Angelici, he said, hopes that the same rod will be used.

But there is a nuisance: the attack on players this time was outside the stadium where security was not the responsibility of the team, but the government of Buenos Aires.

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Angelici wants to win the game at the tables. His request did not play on Saturday and Sunday sent everything, but maybe this time he will not win. Your future Boca chair and politician or lawyer will depend on this.

Let it play without the audience or at another stadium

In addition to the aforementioned, there are a few less likely alternatives, but also from the perspective of the authorities and the press.

One is that the game is played in Abu Dhabi, just before the club's world championships, it has the advantage that the winner will remain in the city to play the tournament.

It would remove all mysticism from an unprecedented match and would not meet the agreements with Buenos Aires sponsors and fans who bought tickets.

The other option is that the game is played on the Monumental River, but without the audience, as is often the case in Latin America and Europe when a local team is sentenced.

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Captain Boca, Pablo Pérez, appeared with eyelids.

The stadium was in fact already fined for what happened on Saturday, and if you play with the audience, it is because the show is an exception.

Only a few weeks later, in Argentina, the red classic of Central Newell's old boys had to play outside the city of Rosar and without the crowd to avoid incidents even if there were no sanctions.

Actually, Another option for the Libertadores Final is to play outside of Buenos Aires, although River is hard to accept this when the rival court had already the first match.

so violence and fanaticism and speculation, football lives in Argentina. The one that shows the songs and the colors and the party is less and less.

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