Will it: According to a scientist, a foreign ship ran through the solar system


Since October 2017, Robert Werylk discovered the Oumuamua Solar System at 30,000,000 km of Earth, various hypotheses have tried to explain what this interstellar object was captured by the Pan-STARRS 1 telescope. a comet named C / 2017 U1; after confirming that it did not show activity, it was considered an asteroid and named A / 2017 U1.

The new study presents the opportunity to deal with a non-Earth-based spacecraft.

Harvard University study, published on 12. November, Astrophysical Journal Letters, suggests that the object "may be a sensor that is deliberately sent to the globe with a foreign civilization," NBC anticipates.

Avi Loeb, director of the department's astronomy department, and Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics researcher Shmuel Bialy, do not directly say that foreigners sent the alleged vessel. "But after a careful analysis of how the interstellar object accelerated when the sun was at full speed, they say that Oumuamua could be a spacecraft that space moves through its surface," the source said.

Loeb and Bialy described this: "If we look at artificial origin, one possibility is that Oumuamua is a solar cell that floats in interstellar space from the debris of some of the sophisticated technological devices." Alternatively, the more exotic scenario is that Ovoramua is a fully functioning test case, "said Universe Today.

The high speed and movement of this reddish object indicate, according to researchers, that it is not part of the solar system. But its flat and stretched shape, compared to a cigar, does not fit with known bodies or phenomena.

"It is impossible to evaluate the purpose behind Oumuamua without any other information," Loeb told NBC. One possibility is that it floats when the solar system hit it "like a ship that hits a buoy on the surface of the sea".

Loeb is a solar expert, also called photon candles: they are instruments that have been launched into space (now as far as we know on earth) that consist of a large surface made up of super light reflecting sheets … They use solar radiation to push themselves. In his opinion, he added that Oumuama would be "exotic".

"We explain the excessive acceleration of Oumuamua out of the sun as a result of the power that sunlight drives on its surface," said Universe Today. "For this power to explain the measured acceleration, the object has to be very thin, like a fraction of a millimeter thick, but extending tens of meters makes it lightweight in relation to its surface and gives it a sail in the sun, its origin can be natural or artificial."

While some colleagues criticize them for the lack of evidence because their hypothesis is speculative, Loeb defended himself before NBC, claiming that his job was based on his non-testimony: "I am complying with Sherlock Holmes's payment: when it is impossible to rule out what is unlikely be truthful. "

The problem with Harvard's further investigation is that Oumuamua has already left the solar system and can not be seen by telescopes. But Loeb said that when I discovered the object, it would be up to the astronomers to look for similar.

Loeb added the Universe Today: "Oumuamua could be a sample of terrestrial technology that came to explore our solar system, just as we hope to explore Alpha Centauri with Starshot and similar technologies." An alternative could be to "imagine that Oumuama was in the intelligence operation".

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