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Yes, thanks to a groundbreaking initiative in Spain!

Published 12/18/2018 8:29:38CET

MADRID, December 18 (EDIZIONES) –

According to the Spanish Multiple Sclerosis Spain project, a non-profit association aimed at improving MS, 47 000 people in Spain are affected by this disease. The general part is that every 3 women have suffered a man.

"It is sad that nowadays and mainly because of the ignorance of doctors it is not advisable to be a mother to most women who suffer from this pathology, in many cases it is possible that this desire can be moved", complains in an interview with Infosalus in Madrid's San Carlos Clinical Hospital, neurology Celia Oreja-Guevara, head of the multiple sclerosis unit.

According to this expert, the Department of Neurology of the San Carlos Clinical Hospital is in the EM Unit the role of the National Reference Center in the treatment of this disease, which has been treated by more than 2,000 patients for whom treatment is offered that is identified to minimize your symptoms.

But for four years, the hospital has launched a pioneering initiative at national level, which is already being developed in other countries, such as the United States, for consultation with MS patients who would like to be a mother in family planning for pregnancy and childbirth.

To this day, according to Oreja-Guevara, More than 95% efficiency has been achieved, 80 MS mother's children have been born, and some cases come from women who have repeated with mothers. "We are the only hospital in Spain that has this benefit," emphasizes neurology on Tuesday as the world's celebrating disease.

According to reports, the problem of MS patients is a problem with many professionals who, because of their ignorance, do not recommend it. For example, he says that many doctors in 1998 admit to a work published by a renowned French physician who has been negotiating maternity in these cases. It states that patients suffer from up to 33% of cases of more outbreaks and serious postpartum infections, which can have serious consequences, such as a patient's stoppage.

To date, and if certain surveillance is carried out in patients, in most cases it is possible for a woman in MS to be a mother, says a specialist from multiple sclerosis. "The special attention we give to these women, together with the center's gynecologists, has reduced their anxiety and outbreak by having them mothers because otherwise they could not have been," he says.

In addition, according to information obtained during these four years of work, Oreja-Guevara will ensure that pregnancy in MS patients does not pose a greater risk than any other woman without this complication. "Only 6% had a minor outbreak in their child's birth year," he says.

so insists that pregnancy in the women involved in the study was very similar to that of the rest of the population and no neurological causes, and non-obstetricians who prevent women with multiple sclerosis and keep the disease stable, the chance to become pregnant.

"If the patient is stable and, for example, there have been no outbreaks of one to two years, with the care and control of today, they can remain stable during pregnancy, in fact, the disease usually disappears during pregnancy," he says.

In fact, the San Carlos Clinical Hospital is subject to comprehensive surveillance with the help of gynecologists, if any problem arises. You must always identify the cases, find out what the MS patient is being treated, whether he or she can monitor it with pregnancy or, for example, when – depending on the treatment – it is necessary to cancel it as a woman wants to become pregnant.

"There are many neurologists who advise maternity directly to MS women because they do not know how these treatments may affect pregnancy or childbirth and they stick to the above study but now if you plan ahead, you will get the right treatment for the patient until it can be maintained, pregnancy is managed, or if problems experienced by a multidisciplinary team occur, everything is possible, "he adds.

Even emphasizes that after giving birth you can give me breastfeeding. Of course, at 2 months, all patients undergo an MRI to see if the activity of the disease is so that the nursing would withdraw and be treated for MS.


MS is a degenerative disease due to loss of myelin, a substance that is aligned with the nervous system and is responsible for facilitating the transmission of electrical impulses between these fibers, says a neurologist. A disease affecting more than one woman may be present in reproductive males, and the special features of the disease should be discontinued during pregnancy.

It is an incurable disease to this day and whose origin is unknown. It is not a hereditary illness, clarifies it, even though MS's children are more likely to suffer from this pathology, albeit with a very small percentage, as needed.

It's an autoimmune disease. Initially it is inflammatory and when it is 20 to 25 years with the disease it becomes degenerative. "When it is inflammatory, there are episodes in which there may be a snag in her but it can be solved after days and with special care." Yes, if the MS patients do not completely recover from the episode or outbreak, they have left the extension areas that added each other, they lead to disability and for example they stop walking and fall in the wheelchair, but if done well and the patient is handled properly there are many , which pass and do not finish. Wheelchair, "says the neurologist at the San Carlos Clinical Hospital.

The average outbreak of the disease is 29 years. Most commonly occurring symptoms are blurred vision from one eye for more than 24 hours, or tingling or part of the body sleeps for more than 24 hours. "They are the two most common forms, but also many others," recalled the EM expert.

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