Sunday , July 25 2021

YouTube Viral: A young parody "Silence the old lesbian" when passersby watch him on the street. | YT | Yutub | virus | video | meme | Alexwhiteworlse | trends

This undoubtedly has become a fashion meme that the dinosaur who is going to dance the rhythm of remix is ​​called "¡Close the old lesbian! ", Therefore, many YouTube users have created videos with respect, just as they did with the user Alex White World. These clips arrive on the platform daily, but very few viruses become, and this was one of those cases.

This audiovisual material was broadcast YouTubeso that it would change quickly virus- On the Internet, as many users laughed when they saw this dinosaur, showing their best in the streets. Keep in mind that this is the most popular forum for each section, so everything that is shared will become a "boom".

YouTube It was always characterized by various audiovisual content such as family, educational programs, entertainment, even watching the most famous premieres of the most famous singers. However, the last thing that has made more visualizations are those viral clips, as is the case YouTuber which has made hundreds of people laugh.

As seen in the video YouTube, The dinosaur will take to the streets to dance a renewed rhythm that has become fashionable, even though at the moment it says "I am weak", she falls to the floor. But that would not be all because it also made some young people dance while walking in the area until the end came where "Terror"Close the old lesbian! "As was a dog.

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