Saturday , May 8 2021

343 Studio: Do ​​not ask! "Halo: Unlimited" is definitely not a big getaway – Microsoft XBOX

The big gameplay is already the most popular game in the year. Also a series of masterpieces, such as "Call of Duty 15: Black Action 4" and "Battlefield 5", have a long history.


Microsoft official post – Xbox

However, it looks like 343 Industries is not a fan of this model, and recently it has announced that it is not going to add a big exit to the coming Halo: Unlimited program.

Jeff Easterling and James Bachici, 343 Industries, recently said in an interview that "the only BR we really are interested in is not Battle Royal, but the Battle Rifle, a big escape."

This is not the first time 343 Industries have expressed contempt for the popular big places. Earlier this year, Easterling said that the model will not be added to the game, and there is no other game space.

"Halo: Unlimited" is currently under development for Xbox One and PC. While there is no notification window, many people think it will be released later next year or even in 2020 or called generation console games.

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