Saturday , February 27 2021

A working conference on the prevention and control of the city’s new coronary pneumonia epidemic was held in the city’s countryside

On the morning of January 14, the city’s rural areas were held at a working meeting to prevent and combat the city’s new crown pneumonia epidemic. Zhang Ran, Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, and Sun Dong, Deputy Mayor, attended.

Zhang Ran pointed out that the current epidemic is spreading in many places, clustered epidemics are common and people returning to their hometown during the Spring Festival, the uncertainty, complexity and severity of epidemic prevention and management in rural areas has emerged. We must respond to the problem, raise our ideological understanding, have a deep understanding of the serious situation of preventing and combating epidemics in rural areas, always adhere to the concept of “people first, life first” and strictly adhere to “four levels of responsibility” and “three reductions and three improvements”. People are moving, reducing staffing, reducing tourism risks, strengthening personal protection, strengthening rural management, strengthening work requirements for designated diagnoses and treatments, and not easing prevention and control work to ensure that the overall situation is stable and manageable. We must pay particular attention to preventing and combating the epidemic and to the stable production and supply of agricultural products in a coordinated manner. We must adhere to duplicity and fairness. On the other hand, we absolutely must prevent the epidemic from entering, gather management and control staff, and strengthen publicity and guidance. On the other hand, we need to focus closely on production. , Transportable, adequate supply Grab agricultural production to ensure that people can eat safe agricultural products during an epidemic. Responsibilities need to be consolidated and the rural epidemic prevention and control stock maintained strictly. All counties, districts and relevant departments must strictly implement the responsibilities of department industry management and county and village regional government, perform their own roles and responsibilities, strengthen communication and close cooperation. Build a strong collective management force, go all out to do a good job of preventing and fighting epidemics and let people have a happy and peaceful Spring Festival.

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