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Champions League – Lewan Mei opens twice Bayern 2-0 win at Athens AEK Team Leadership – NetEase Sports – Hanfeng Net

2018-11-08 06:00:57 Source: Netease Sports

Netease Sports reported on November 8:

Beijing time on November 8 at 4.00, 2018-2019 season, the second round of Champions League group stage continued, E-Group Bundesliga giant Bayern Munich took Anlian Stadium against the Greek power of the Athens AEK team. In the first half Lewandowski made a penalty that broke the deadlock and Bayern led 1-0. During the second half Levan went to the next town. After all, Bayern won AEK at home 2-0, 4 rounds, Bayern 3 wins and 1 draw to get 10 points, resulting in Ajax 2 points, ranked first in the group.

After the opening, 5 minutes, Mantalos's right angle kicked into the penalty area, and Lampopoulos jumped high, in the direction of the ball and slightly expanding. After 7 minutes, Kimixi made an accurate bevel on the right side, Gretzka hit the ball and Balkas flew with one hand and lifted the ball off the top level.

At 26 minutes, Gennaburi made a long range shot 25 meters away and Barcass got the ball. After 28 minutes Ribéry moved the ball to the left of the penalty area and Barkas blocked the right shot.

31 minutes from Kimi's left corner kicked the penalty area and Muller shot right to his feet and kicked it to the side. In this attack Kosic down to Lewan, Bayern was sentenced, Lewan fought a penalty, his right foot evenly sent the ball to the right corner, 1-0!

37 minutes after Levan crossed the penalty area, Müller hit the ball and entered the penalty area, right foot was deflected and the right leg was blocked. At the end of the semifinals, Bayern temporarily led 1-0.

After 48 minutes, Ribéry removed the defender and Muller missed the right leg. 55 minutes later, Kimixi made an accurate bevel on the right, and Gretzka made a close volley shot. Balkas's free kick was saved by the ball.

57 minutes after Gnabri took the ball to the right, the cold arrow was placed in the restricted area and the ball was higher than the top. After 61 minutes, Martinez left the very center, and Lewan went well in the penalty area. In the face of the Balkans this football pushed the right leg to block the end line.

65 minutes into the match, Balcas attacked down the left by Alaban. After 66 minutes, Ponce did not hit the ball to the penalty area, Hurt left the ball and reached the penalty area, the ball hit the Boateng's football and flown to the head of the Neuer crashed and hit the ball.

A 71-minute Kimi corner kick kicked into the penalty area, and the Athens defender crossed it slightly when the unmarked Levant's right leg was hit 2-0!After 74 minutes, Gretzka went straight ahead and Gnabri took the ball to the right post and started to right. Barcas saved him.

77 minutes later, Boateng made a long journey, Muller managed to defend and his right foot was blocked in the penalty area. After 78 minutes, Kimi from the left corner of the box missed a penalty kick when Balkas broke the ball and hit the ball to his teammate. Eventually Bayern defeated AEK in Athens at 2-0 home.

The teams took the form of:

Bayern Munich (4-3-3): 1-Neuer / 32-Kimshi, 17-Boaten, 5-Hummels, 27-Alaba / 25-Thomas-Muller, 8 ha Vienne Martinez, 18- Grezka / 22- 35-Sanches), 9-Lewandowski (91-Wagner), 7-Ribery 84 & 13-Rafinha)

Athens-Akk (5-3-2): 1-Barkas / 2-Bakakis, 5-Lampovsky, 19-Qi Greensky, 15-Kosic, 23-Hult / 25-Galanopski (78- Simons, 95-Alif (69 & 39-Moran) / 22- Ponce, 20-Mantalos (79 & 31-Boyer)

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