China Consumers Association suggests that star-rated hotels that are not worthy of value are reduced. Star rating hotels are not rated "single size" _Star Hotel


Original Name: China Consumers Association recommended star-rated hotels according to classified star ratings. Star rating hotels are not rated as "one size"

Star rating is not only an important reference framework for consumers wishing to choose accommodation in an outlandish environment but also a synonym for excellent service quality.

Star rating hotels are not rated "one size". According to the regulations, the hotel can apply for a star rating after one year of operation. Following the rating of the corresponding Star rating body The Star symbol is valid for three years.

Many consumers who have been surprised at last-minute media use the same dirty rag, dirty bath towel or dirty mushroom for wiping cups, washings, mirrors, etc. The China Consumers Association gave a recommendation to a starred hotel that does not deserve a name. Star-picking, downgrade is downgrade, so that consumers can choose the actual star-like hotel.

China's star rating system started 30 years ago. Today's star rating is not just an important reference point for consumers wishing to choose accommodation in a foreign environment, but also a synonym for excellent service quality. Several window industries have used their stars to build their own service offering, including star hospitals, star-makers, etc., and so on.

Our star rating is from one to five. The higher the star rating, the higher the rating of the hotel. According to the new national statistics of the second quarter of 2018, 9332 star ratings by the Ministry of Culture have been surveyed by provincial tourism authorities, of which 60 are one star hotels and 1 583 two star hotels. 4,497, 4,367 four-star, 825 five-star.

What are standard stars hotels? According to experts, the current star rating in China is based on the national standard "Classification and Evaluation of Star Ratings for Traveling Hotels" (GB / T14308-2010). Star rating standards have been published and implemented so far and have been experienced in 1993, 1997, 2003 and Four revisions in 2010, the current version being the 2010 review.

The supplier noted that the various star status conditions mentioned in the standard are divided into three categories: the necessary conditions, facilities and equipment, and the quality of the hotel. The list of the necessary project checklists will show the facilities and services that each target should have. When evaluated and monitored after the batch has been confirmed, it gives the following rating process, commonly referred to as the "hardcore index" of the star rating, to which the hardware and equipment requirements include the geographic location, the surrounding environment, the structure of the building and the functional layout and the splitting system. For the front and other connections, the total score is 600 points. The quality of the hotel's business quality assessment is divided into six main areas: general requirements, lobby, guest room, catering, other, public and back office areas. Evaluating the points "Excellent", "Good", "Medium" and "Bad" and lowering the Scoring Speed. .

The supplier also found that room hygiene has clear standards from one to five stars. According to the five-star key checklist, "Rooms and bathrooms need to be cleaned once a day, daily or at guests' request, replacing linens, covers and pillowcases, and fully filling up customer accessories and supplies and cleaning them at any time on request." This can be said to be a "hard bar" which five-star hotel has to achieve. In addition, the quality of the hotel's operation is also "clean and tidy in rooms and bathrooms, no hair, no dust, no stains" as well as doors, furniture, pools, baths, showers, guests (towels, cups, etc.). Multiple content is listed on scoring options.

Star-rated hotels must also comply with strict procedures. In order to evaluate the five-star hotel, they must submit in addition to the national star rating staff, in addition to applications, recommendations, disclosure and customer satisfaction surveys. By reviewing or checking the form of unauthorized visits.

In addition, the classification of starred hotels is not "one size". According to the regulations, the hotel can apply for a credit rating after one year's operation. After evaluating the Star rating agency, the star rating is valid for three years. It should be re-evaluated after three years.

Strict standards and procedures classified in Star Hotels should be the benchmark for the industry. According to the Consumer Association star star star star star star star star star star star star star star star star Dr. Han Yuanjun, China Tourism Research Institute believes that the current rating and rating standard of the Traveling Star rating was revised in 2010. It is contradictory to the current development and trend in the hotel industry in time, especially with regard to the similar problems that are found in starred hotels. One vote suggests that the star hotels operate in a healthy and organized way. In addition, in order to change the three-year rating of star rating hotels, star rating agencies should hold meetings from time to time and act actively as a starred hotel with serious problems and adverse effects.

It has been reported that in June of this year in Beijing, a renewed workshop was held about the classification and evaluation of the tourist star ratings, and the relevant modifications have been officially launched.Go back to Soho and see more

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