Sunday , January 17 2021

"Chrome Canvas" gives you graphite in your browser

Applications that allow you to paint tablets, mobile phones, or other touch devices are versatile, and many have similar network recordings, but if you just want to remember something or draw a concept if it's a draft, the "Chrome Canvas" tool that Google has quietly launched can to meet your needs.

Chrome Canvas is very simple, just open the page (not necessarily Chrome, as long as you support WebAssembly), you can start painting directly. The user interface offers four handwriting, such as pencils, pens, oil-based pens and carbon strips, and a towel dryer, but unlike many similar tools, the content it pulls is actually a bitmap, not a vector. In other words, two overlapping lines are already "mixed" together, and rubbing can only be wiped out, not just one.

Although this tool can be drawn with a mouse or touch pad, this tool is naturally suitable for flat fingers and even drawing. Once you have completed the masterpiece, you can save it as a png file, but this is almost the current function. I don't know if Google will increase its functionality if more is used.

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