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Frequently removing video sites is no longer for "parental parameters" –

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17 December 2018 10:44 Source: Beijing Youth Daily Participate in interaction

"Ba Qing", "World Chang", "Biography" and "East Palace" have been postponed

The often termination of video sites is no longer a "game console"

This newspaper (reporter Yang Wenjie) was hit in the cold palace since the beginning of Ba Qing Chuan, and the "Biography" originally intended to be broadcast on November 15, and "East Palace", which was due to begin June 12, was released temporarily. Also "disarmed", a domestic costume drama in 2018 is really unfavorable. Among them, two announcements that have been filed twice and sent, "Tianxia Chang" is the "drama series" of CCTV and eight orthodoxes. The rest of the majority are online drama that is being broadcast on video platforms or a web based drama. Although the parties did not respond positively to the causes of the withdrawal, it can be estimated from the results that many television companies have changed the video platform as the most popular export since the television station tightened the costume and the content scale became more stringent. It is no longer possible to "guarantee". In addition, recent media reports have shown that "the online assessment will merge in February next year." If we hope the costume drama may be low, it will undoubtedly set more specific requirements and content competition. requirements.

In April this year, led by Lian Yan, Zhang Hanyu, Qin Junjie, Li Xuejian and other costume drama "The World Changan" held a press conference announced that it will be launched CCTV on May 10 and finally did not achieve the drama was July 13 again announced that CCTV eight sets of gold archives on July 16 were not posted on schedule. Almost at the same time Lin Feng and Jiang Mengyu appeared to "Dahong Monkey" for the last file. A special arrangement was made at Youku on July 17 and sent to Anhu Satellite Television on July 24. Out because of the popularity of "Yanwei Raiders", the original costume drama "Biography" starred on November 5, the fifth iQiyi network broadcast caused great concern. The producer finalized the opening conference on 13 November, completed a media call and finalized an interview project, including major works such as Yu Zheng, Wu Jinyan and Nie Yuan, but the notice of the provisional announcement was canceled on November 12. Adaptation is suspended and online time is announced separately. "On December 7, the online drama" East Palace "announced that the file will be December 12. In the morning of the 12th, his official micro-announced expansion, the reason is also" due to adaptation of the schedule. "

It is sensible to say that broadcasting a TV series or a network card is very serious. It is not just the intention that the show has received a broadcast license through an appropriate review. The purpose of commercial connections is also to complete a large number of contracts and also include comprehensive aspects such as the fight against the competition forum and the organization of troops. That is why the official announced the date and the sending forum and temporarily withdrew it. As with the sudden fall in previous episodes in the television channel, it is a major "accident" in the industry and there must be very specific reasons. Satellite TV rating in the provinces raises fierce competition, causing occasionally more than half of television sets that have been "squeezed" for unsatisfactory ratings. However, it is unusual to announce that files are being extended and such intense events take place. .

The Beijing Youth Reporters understand that both the platform and the producers are fully aware of the real reasons. However, from all perspectives, it is only an accurate examination and compliance with the general arrangement. When "Tianxia Chang" was unsealed for the first time, Fang Huairui Century issued a statement that "Changxia Chang" has been revised on the basis of feedback from the competent authorities and is planned according to the timetable according to the planned schedule in accordance with the original plan. "The first encounter after the dismissal was that the leader had even a great excitement on the Weibo name:" The World Changan "was rejected, hopefully it will be resolved earlier, this drama is of particular importance to me!" Outside is the speculation that "the Chang Chang ; an "has been made several revisions before and it is highly probable that the revocation needs to be reviewed again. When the "Biography" was rejected in November, there was news that a TV station bought a drama and changed it from broadcasting to a network. To coordinate the TV schedule, it was temporarily changed. The producer responded to Weibo's denial of the weekly broadcast message Weibo saying that he "is proud and wanted to send the music again". Then Youku "East Palace" was temporarily dismissed. The outside world brought up an old biography story and guessed that two drama should be revised to check the reasons for the revision. According to Beiqing Daily, however, the real reason for the dismissal of these two drama is to comply with the fourth quarter of the broadcasting requirements.

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