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International VIP Congratulates Reform and Opening – Ambassador of Italy in China: Reform and openness allow the world to see China's contribution

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Chinese Ambassador Xie Guoyi accepted an exclusive interview with China Network's "China Interview". (Zheng Liang / photography)

Xie Guoyi:I believe that 2018 is a very important year, a historic year. Reform and opening up began in 1978, and it is also a year of great importance. I believe that reform and opening up are undoubtedly the basis for China's success. Reform and opening up have brought prosperity to China and have also had a positive impact on the world. I think the results of the reform and the opening up are obvious.

China is now the world's second largest economy and has managed to get 800 million people out of poverty. This achievement is amazing. Reform and openness have contributed to globalization, and China itself is both a promoter and a beneficiary of the globalization process. I believe that China's reform and openness has attracted global attention to China's role. Reform and opening up have made people fully aware of China's key role in the world's economic growth process. China's share of global GDP growth is as high as 30 per cent. This is very astonishing.

I think there is another important reason: China has become a supporter of the free trade system. At the moment, the situation is complex, both at a global and economic level. China's contribution has sent a clear message to the world that in a globalized world there is a need for free trade for the benefit and prosperity of all economies. It is imperative to go global, and we understand that this is the only way.

Therefore, I believe that the importance of reform and openness is not only to promote China's economy but also to contribute to the improvement of the world economy through free trade. All this is clear because China is still concerned about the importance of quality, economic growth and innovation. I think this is the message that we are going through when we celebrate the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up.

China Net: What kind of expectations is China's and Italy's strategic partnership in the new era?

Xie Guoyi:President Xi Jinping's vision of China's new era seemed to us. From this point of view, we believe that China and Italy are the ideal partners. President Xi Jinping wants to build a modern, prosperous, civilized, harmonious and beautiful country. We are very eager to share China's specific or ideal resources with our country and to integrate our world's most capable capabilities to achieve common development. Do not you believe that the two countries are the ideal partners in the new era China is planning and has begun?

We often say that when the wind of change comes, some people build high walls to resist it, while others build windmills to use it. We just want to be those who build windmills.

(current staff – editor / host: Hang Zhou, camera: Chang Zhibo, photography: Zheng Liang, late: Liu Kai, editor: Zheng Haibin)


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