Tuesday , April 20 2021

Keep an eye out for the Ching Ming holiday knot and research closely for tips on public travel issues | Longyan City_Sina News

Original name: Keep an eye on the Ching Ming holiday node and rigorously research tips on publicly funded tourism issues

Source: Website of the Disciplinary and State Control Commission


During the Ching Ming period, local disciplinary inspection and control agencies focused on holiday nodes and introduced information exchange technologies in the control process to improve control accuracy and ensure the cleanliness, stability and order of Ching Ming holiday in response to travel questions that tend to be given to the public during the holiday.

Anhui Province, Anqing City, Yingjiang District Disciplinary Inspection Commission used the bus management system and the public safety body’s Skynet system to monitor the trajectory of all buses in real time in response to the use of bus traffic during the holiday season. At the same time, bus application staff must report WeChat location in real time and pass three points: one, stay up-to-date on bus dynamics, and eliminate bus travel with public funds.

The Lianshui County Disciplinary Inspection Commission of Jiangsu Province uses public data “cloud monitoring” in conjunction with the economy, taxation, audit and other operational departments to create an information exchange mechanism through e-netcom, Golden Tax, through large data analyzes. Phase III tax administration and other system platforms: Extensive data sharing, statistical analysis of key documents such as education, inspection and tourism, screening and identification of public tourism issues to integrate data on public tourism issues. At the same time, the County Disciplinary Commission and the Tax Department set up a mechanism to distribute the consumption of public funds by county-owned units before and after the festival and seized the consumption of public funds by each unit through the tax billing system.

Longyan City, Fujian Province, has set up a special “surveillance zone” on the city’s “Four Winds” surveillance platform to use the information exchange technology to access information on the Municipal Finance Bureau’s financial payment order, the Municipal Cultural Tourism three modules “abnormal sensitive places”, “handling of travel agents” and “abnormal transport charges in other places”. The large data is used to compare and analyze payer data and usage of funds, alert to suspected problems such as consumption in A-level scenic locations, meetings in sensitive locations, travel agency management and cars rented elsewhere. data can speak and find accurate signs and tendencies.

“We will promote the deep integration of disciplinary and control business and information sharing technology, strengthen cooperation with taxation, cultural tourism and other departments, promote border progress, increase precision control and prevent the recurrence and emergence of old problems.”

The local committee of the Disciplinary Inspection and Supervision Committees also opened the “Four Winds” issue of WeChat’s official account to take photos, send the “Four Winds” code, QR code to attractions, hotels and other places, get tips on problems and allow public travel, etc. There is nothing hidden in the “four winds” problem, which are prone to occur frequently during the festival.

“According to the license plate number you provided, we retrieved the relevant information about the official car through large data plates. Mr. Li, a citizen, received a call from the staff of the City Disciplinary Commission. gives feedback on the suspected bus travel problem he reported this morning. (Lu Lihuan)


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