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New Home Second Hand Housing Costs Inverted Impact Policy Impact was gradually visible – Finance News

The new house with second-hand housing price upside down pressure reduction policy effect gradually appeared

2018-12-17 06:26from

Source: Securities Daily

e-companies news, the National Bureau of Statistics recently released statistics on changes in sales prices of commercial housing in 70 large and medium-sized cities in November 2018. Liu Hongyu, Director of the Real Estate Research Institute at Tsinghua University, said in an interview that the real estate market remained stable as a whole and the prices of new and used houses were still upside down but upside down which meant that the effects of state policies gradually increased. In the future, real estate prices will still need to be heavily regulated in order to avoid excessive rise or fall sharply and achieve the overall stability objective. Commercial housing sales prices in first-tier cities have risen and fallen, and the growth of second and third tier cities is in line with political expectations. (Securities Daily)

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