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Premier League – Shaqili replacing double ring horse built earnings Liverpool 3-1 win Manchester United _ restricted area

Original name: Premier League – Shaqili replacing double ring horse built earnings Liverpool 3-1 win at Manchester United

On December 17, Beijing time 17:00, the actual league season 2018-2019 began, and Liverpool defeated Manchester United at 3-1 Anfield Stadium. It started the first nine matches and continued unbeaten. 1 point advantage, return to the top of the rankings. 24 minutes into the match, Mane took the lead, and Lingard used Liverpool's goalkeeper Allison 33 minutes. Shaqiri, who resigned from the bench, made 73 goals and 73 minutes with two goals that led Liverpool to win.

Two clubs are in conflict with 200 times with history, and Liverpool's 65 wins, 55 draws and 80 losses are lost, 55 wins, 47 bets and 67 losses in the league. In the last 10 games, Liverpool won only one victory, but also returns to the 2016 Europa Match in the 1/8 finals. At that time, Manchester United lost 0-2. After that, the Red Army won 4 wins and one victory without a win. Only in the league, Liverpool defeated Manchester United last time, in March 2014, when the 3-0 match winner, then 8 pairs of double red three draws and 5 losses, including four games Anfield Stadium, 2 flat 2 negative. This season, the Liverpool Premier League started a strong start, the first 16 rounds wins 13 wins and 3 draws, first-time investments, Manchester United's poor result, 16 wins only 7 wins, 5 draws and 4 losses, ranked 6th in the standings.

In this game, Liverpool defenders Gomez, Matip, Milner, Solanke, Arnold and Chamberlain loses damage, Klein was led by the 100th Red Army career, Van Dick led the defense, Mane, Sa Rach and Philmino made three arrows and Captain Henderson stood Manchester, Sanchez, Rojo, Mike Tom and Lukeshaw were missing from the injury, and Bogba and Marshall were initially standing when Smoli warmed up, Bailey got him hurt. Matić started the 50th Red Devils career and Lukaku led by striker Trident.

In the second minute Salah scored and Fermino's right-hand shot in the restricted area was blocked by the defending player. 4 minutes into the match, Ashley Young came close to extending the visitors' lead when he found himself completely unmarked in front of the goal after a pass through the middle, but he lifted the ball over Lukaku and it was a little too high and hit the bar. incorrect. 6th minute Keita's right angle kicked and Fermino's header failed. After 1 minute Manne passed the ball and Fermino hit the edge of the restricted area and saved De Gea. 7 minutes Matić passed the ball and Allison was confiscated from Rushford's top mark in a restricted area. 9 minutes, Fabiano surpassed the match in the restricted area, which is blocked by the defending player.

In the tenth minute Robertson's injured left-back was blocked by a defensive player and Van Dyck fired again into the penalty area. 11 minutes Mane passed the ball, and Salah tried a long way to shoot. After 1 minute Fabiano fired from the upper part of the restriction area, which was higher than the crossbar. 14 minutes Fermino hit the right edge of the arc in the restricted area and shot from the upper level.from

24 minutes, Liverpool took the lead, Fabiano took the ball to the ball and Mane stopped the ball to the front and then met Manchester United goalkeeper Degea on the net, 1-0! Mane won this season's seventh ball in the Premier League and eight goals for every event.

26 minutes into the game, Darot had a yellow card on the pitch. A left ball left the defense for the left, but the ball went wide. Ferminon right-hand side of the penalty area seemed to have prevented the opposing player, Lovren shot topline.from

After 33 minutes, Manchester United equalized the match, Lukaku moved to the left of the restricted area and Allison dropped the ball away. Today is the 26th birthday of Linga Dei before the penalty area, 1-1! Lingard corrected the second goal of the season.

With 37 minutes of Fabiano passes the ball, and Degea seizes the right-hand box in the penalty area. 39 minutes into the game, Lukaku spent most of the time in a heap on the field. After 42 minutes Darot crosses the ball, and Allison gets Herrera's right shot from a restricted area from the top. After 45 minutes, Keita were awarded the ball, and Fabioño shot from the penalty area. At the end of the first half, the Liverpool home 1-1 Manchester United came in.

In the second half, Yibian fought again, Manchester United made reparation, and Fellaini replaced Darot. 48 minutes after Robertson passed the ball, and Salah fired a restricted area in the arena. With 52 minutes left, Fermino left the Dehya rescue area with a defensive player kicking Keita from the right side of the penalty area. After 56 minutes, Klein's 30 meter shot stopped the defender. After that, Klein used a corner kick to fire the top edge of the restriction area and his own players supported. 59 minutes into the match, Wiener Dumu sured through the net, and Lovren tried to even things up by sending a long ball towards the centrally placed strikers. Two minutes later, Robertson passed the ball and Van Dyck shot the left side and defended his defense.

62 minutes after Salah left the penalty area and Lovren nodded to the ball. During the 63-minute-Manen the left side of the restricted area underscore the opposite. Van Dick's penalty kick from the left side defied the defense. 69 minutes later, Manen's 18-meter shot was blocked by a defensive player, and Degea seized Venal Duma's re-shooting in a restricted area. Liverpool replaced Keita Shaqir after 70 minutes. 71 minutes into the game, Fabian's corner from the penalty area was Degea.from

After 73 minutes, Liverpool took another space, while the penalty area from the left side to charge up a triad passed the ball and hit a defending player, after which Degea hit him, Shaqiri placed the right side of the ball and hit the crosshead. To the net, 2-1!

With 75 minutes played, Fermino had a chance to take the lead on Venal Dumun's dazzling drive up the left, but the opportunity fizzled away as his shot went off. Next, Manchester United launched an attack, Lukaku called the ball, Lingarde shot from the right side of the arc in a restricted area above the top bar. After 79 minutes, Liverpool replaced Herrera's Martial.from

80 minutes, Liverpool was closed to victory, and Fermino crossed. Shaqiri ran through the box, crossing the 3-1! Shaqili won the fifth leg of the Champions League this season.

After 83 minutes Shaqiri crossed and Degea confiscated from the top of Weinal Dumu's restricted area. Liverpool replaced Mannen Henderson on 84 minutes. 84 minutes into the match Ashley Young's free kick succeeded, but Fellaini's shot went over the bar. After 85 minutes, Manchester United replaced Lingala's Mata. In 90 minutes, Salah made the ball, and Henderson hit the ball to the left of the penalty shootout. Next Lukaku made a ball, and Mata from the top shot in the restricted area. In the first minute of the interruption, Weiner Dumu passed the ball, and Fermino hit the penalty area to the left and hit the side. The second minute of the halftime, Robertson made the ball, and Salah shot from the left of the restricted area to the top of the upper level. Eventually Liverpool beat Manchester United 3-1 at home.

Both parties played the game:

Liverpool (4-3-3): 13-Allison / 2-Klein, 6-Lovron, 4-Van Dick, 26-Robertson / 8-Keta (23-Shaqiri 70-Vinaldum, 3-Fabigno / 10 -Magne (14-Henderson 84 & # 39;), 9-Fermino, 11-Sarah

Manchester City (3-4-3): 1-Dehya / 2-Lindlov, 3-Bailey, 36-Damian / 20-Dallot (27-Fellaini 46 & # 39;), Herrera ), 31-Matic, 18-Ashley-Yang / 20-Rushford, 9-Lucaku, 14-Lingard (8-Mata 85)

Technical Basis for Both Parties:

Liverpool player rating: Shaqili best

Manchester United player rating: Lingard Best

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