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Prices for domestic steel products fell, the iron ore market is shocking

Xinhua News Agency, Shanghai, November 25 (Reporter Li Rong) Domestic spot steel prices continued to fall and the decline has again expanded, market conditions are somewhat pessimistic and the trade seems to be weak. The iron ore market is also falling in decline.

According to the latest market report provided by the National Steel Information Office "My Steel", the domestic price index for domestic steel has expired in the last week to 147.2 percent per week by 5.29 percent. In the event that the relevant futures markets continued to collapse, the market for steel products was more pessimistic, spot steel prices continued to decline and the decline gradually increased. Traders mostly lower prices for the vessel, but the market is still weak.

According to the market for construction steel products, prices have fallen sharply. The main price of mainstream frame structures in the country's main market is 4,221 yuan / ton, down 311 yuan per week. The most recent inventory inventory inventories in the world continued to decline, and the decline in steel production production capacity was slowed as the steel mill's stock growth slowed down.

In the government market, prices are generally declining. The price of hot-rolled coils has dropped significantly. The average market price of hot-rolled products in the country's main market is 3 819 yuan / ton, down 131 yuan per week. The price of the album has fallen sharply. The average price of mainstream technical specifications in the country's main market is 3,951 yuan per ton, down 221 yuan per week. Responsible steel mills have made a more obvious "fall" into new factory pricing and also the cost support strengthens.

The hardware and hardware market is weak in shocks. According to the latest report by Xiben Shinkansen, domestic iron ore prices in the domestic mining market declined and the enthusiasm of acquisitions in steel products weakened. The import prices of the ore varied and decreased, and the price of imported peace from 62% was $ 72.05 per ton, which was lower than US $ 2.1 per week. The most important ports in the nationwide iron ore stocks grew again in the week, ending the trend of four consecutive weeks unloading.

The relevant institutions analyze that the recent decline in domestic steel products is high and the decline may continue to slow. However, the current demand for terminal equipment on the steel market has affected seasonal fluctuations. The continuous inventory of steel stocks and the rapid decline in raw material prices have overall had some limiting effects on the current price development of steel products.

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