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The gangsters took the knife to the streets and the judges were murdered. The dope who went off tried to get caught. Unfortunately, gangsters stabbed the chest and stomach.

Prison guards refuse gangsters to sacrifice


Public spontaneous fortified on both sides of the road to say goodbye to Liu Yan photo / visual China

On the 22nd day, Tian Xiao, Chongqing Nanchuan District Court Judge, stabbed through a gangster on the streets, arrested in jail for Liu Yan, and died at the age of 23 and was only 30 years old. Chongqing Nanchuan District Court suspect Zeng was sentenced to seek trouble and Tian Xiao was chairman. After Liu Yan's sacrifice, many locals went spontaneously to leave the farewells.

Prison guard chases knives and gangster sacrifices

About 22, the gangster ran a knife and hit the Nanchuan District People's Court, Tian Xiao, foot near Wenti Road, Xicheng Street, Nanchuan District, Chongqing. Liu Yan, the police in Nanchuan jail, and the other three men passed by and saw the pursuit of pursuit. The gangster escaped when Liu Yan's chest and abdomen were stabbed with a knife.

A person familiar with the story told a journalist in Beiqing Daily that Liu Yan and the other two colleagues returned to the company on their way, passing the case and seeing someone asking for help and immediately finding the suspect. As she approached, three people got off the train and had to find a suspect. Liu Yan, who was sitting in a copyleft, rushed out and grabbed the suspect, but the suspect was unfortunately stabbed. On-site bleeding was not enough and then he lost consciousness.

According to Nanchuan District People's Court, Judge Tian Xiao was sent to the Nanchuan District People's Hospital Emergency Center in an emergency. There is no life-threatening risk after treatment. Prison guard Liu Yan stabbed the chest and stomach and received first aid in the hospital. The Chongqing Prison Administration issued a document on the 22nd. Prison gangster prison police! "says in the text, is known that police Liu Yan, due to excessive blood loss, blood type (type A blood) Nanchuan blood bank anxious, Nanchuan citizens have rushed to the blood donation point, Liu Yan blood donation.

Eventually, however, Liu Yan was unable to attend, but on June 23, the brave gangster was unfortunately imprisoned for his injuries. He was only 30 years old.

Happy and called "Big Brother"

It is understood that Liu Yan was born in May 1988, Chongqing Lushan people. In September 2014, the Secretary General of the Chongqing Municipal Personnel and Social Security Office and the Second Chief of Nanchuan Prison took up the post of Prison People's Police.

Xiaomi worked together with Liu Yan. In 2010, the newly graduated Xiaomi served as Chongqing and was in the same group as Liu Yan. Xiaomi told reporters at Beiqing Daily that all had just graduated, but Liu Yan was more active and more serious and became their leader. "He usually handles everything, is the big brother we call" 刘 大哥 "."

Outside work, Liu Yan wants to play basketball and play electronically, cheerfully and loving to help people. Xiaomi told reporters that after leaving the work, five members of the group left one company after another and began various jobs, and the connection gradually decreased. He also learned from other friends that Liu Yan took an official test in 2014 and became a cop. "He is still a man with a fair feeling, and our team is doing more than just his job, only Liu Yan wants to return to the police station," Xiaomi said.

On the 22nd day, Xiaomi saw the police officer injured in the circle of friends, but he did not see the picture at that time. He thought he had the same name. Until the picture was visible on the 23rd, he realized that the guard of death was Liu Yan, whom he knew. "It was shocking I could not believe it at first, so a strong, sunny Liu Yan would leave us."

In an interview with media, Liu Yan said that Liu Yan is very happy and generally helpful at work. Many colleagues consider him as a big brother.

The suspect has just been released from jail

Nanchuan District Public Security Bureau announced that on October 22 at 15, police arrested suspect Zeng. The People's Court of Nanchuan County reported that the suspect Zeng Chuan had been jailed several times for robbery and harassment and had been quarantined for two years due to drug use.

The court announced that on February 20, 2017, Zeng Chuan stood in Zhangjiaxiang, Nanchuan District, Chongqing entrance. About eight o'clock on the same day in the downstairs of the Zengchuan family, a tenant victim walked home and came to Zhangjiaxiang's entrance, then saw Zeng Chuan's eyes and then left. Zeng Chuan immediately dumped her and knocked her knife. Sir's head was crushed, and Zeng Chuan used a knife to cut a certain person's right hand when he had blocked his hand when Zengchuan fled. Nanchuan District Public Security Bureau of Chongqing City arrested the defendant Zeng Chuan Zhangjiaxiang, Nanchuan District on February 12, 2017. It is reported that the victim's injury is minor damage.

Nanchuan District People's Procuratorate filed a general indictment against the Nanchuan District People's Court against the 31st. May 2017. When the court upheld the case, Tian Xiao acted as chairman and formed a collegial panel with two people judges to hear the case. August 15, 2017 The Nanchuan court ruled: Defendant Zeng Chuan was found guilty of causing trouble and sentenced to one year and nine months in prison and released on 11 November 2018.

Citizens send other heroes

Yesterday afternoon Liu Yan's body was followed by the police and returned to Nanchuan Prison where he worked. Many Nanchuan residents went spontaneously to leave the farewells. Chen told the journal Beiqing Daily that he saw for the first time so many people that many people bought themselves white flowers and stood on both sides of the road to bid farewell heroes.

The movie's video showed that the citizens were spontaneously aligned on both sides of the road. In Liu Yan's bodyguard, he cried "Liu Yan's hero all the time", hoping to leave farewell to the brave gangster police.

Currently, the police have investigated Zengmou by deliberate murder, and the National Prosecutor of the Nanchuan District has intervened and the matter is still being investigated. (Reporter Li Tao Intern Zhang Yuexi)


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