The artist of the sea has a lot of money a day. Boss Chen Kun gave a congratulatory message _ Congratulations to the sea


Original name: Artist is a big day. Boss Chen Kun congratulatory letter.

Chen Kun sent a greeting letter to the sea.

Actor Sea Day

Chen Kun acted as the best groom on the sea

Sohu Entertainment News November 8, actor Chen Kun congratulations to him: "Congratulations to Daji today, Xid's little princess, congratulations to Haiger". Netizens also sent blessings: "Congratulations to His Royal Highness!" Congratulations Meripäivän opettaja wins the little princess. "

It has been reported that Haiyi is the signer of the "Dongshen Future" brokerage company of Chen Kun. He has appeared in the movie series "Love Full Siheyuan", "Tiansheng Long Song", "Getting Off" and so on.

Hai Day kept his girlfriend outside Beijing in July this year, Chen Kun was the best man to witness the brothers' happiness. The private friendship between the two was very deep.Go back to Soho and see more

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