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Original name: Tokyo Olympics All-day coverage: “Dream Team” diving in table tennis temporarily left the Chinese team’s gold medal list third

Xinhua News Agency, Tokyo, July 26 (Reporters Wang Hengzhi and Wang Qinou) The 26th Olympics once again showed that there is no absolute competition. The ideal situation that people expect from China’s two big “dream group” diving team and table tennis team to win a gold medal has been impossible to achieve. At the Tokyo Olympics on the 26th, the Chinese army won 4 silver and 3 bronze and finished third on the gold medal list. Host Japan won three consecutive gold medals and was at the top of the gold medal list.

Chinese players Cao Yuan / Chen Aisen were involved on July 26.Photo: Xinhua News Agency reporter Xu Chang

Due to a big mistake in the fourth jump, Cao Yuan / Chen Aisen eventually lost 1.23 points to the British duo Daly / Matthew Lee. Although Chen Aisen expressed regret after the game, he did not forget to comfort his teammates: “This is It is part of the young people, I always regret it.” This is also the fourth time 27-year-old British “miracle” Daly to participate in the Olympics. From a 14-year-old ignorant boy to the Beijing Olympics to finally stand on the highest Olympic podium., Daley said bluntly that this moment is amazing.

Also “incredible” was the final of the mixed tennis table pairs. Xu Xin / Liu Shiwen initially had a 2-0 lead. Just when everyone thought this would be another one-sided game, the Japanese Mizutani Hayabusa / Mima Ito pulled three rounds in a row. Although Xu Xin / Liu Shiwen leveled the overall score to 3: 3, the Japanese combiner had an 8: 0. : 11 and achieved success. Won Japan’s first Olympic table tennis gold.

Chinese team player in Xu Xin (left) / Liu Shiwen (right) game.Photo: Zheng Huansong, a reporter for Xinhua News Agency

There are so many silver medals today. In the women’s weightlifting competitions, which weighed 55kg, although Liao Qiuyun succeeded in all six attempts, Diaz, a Filipino, lifted clean and a jerk 127kg and won a gold medal by 1kg. History of the Philippine Olympics. At the same time, Zhang Yufei won a silver medal for the Chinese team on the same day. In the women’s 100-meter butterfly final, she won second place by 0.05 seconds. Although he did not win gold, Zhang Yufei still made 99 “The remaining 1 I hope my mentality can be better, and I also learned an important lesson in regulating tension.” It is worth mentioning that his 55 seconds and 64 silver picks have already approached his personal peak.

In the exciting finals of the men’s gymnastics teams, the Chinese team competed fiercely with the Russian and Japanese teams. After all, the Russians won the championship with 262.5 points. The Japanese team won second place by 0.103 points, and the Chinese team 261,894 points. Score a bronze medal. In addition, Wei Meng won a bronze medal in the women’s skeet shooting, and Li Bingjie broke the Asian record in the women’s 400m freestyle after qualifying and won a bronze medal.

Chinese team player Zou Jingyuan in the parallel bar competition.Photo: Xinhua News Agency reporter Cheng Min

The Chinese men’s and women’s three-man basketball team did well that day: the women’s team defeated the Japanese team at 3:12 p.m., and the U.S. team, which had a complete victory at 7:21 p.m., was already locked in the playoffs. the men’s team, which had previously been hard to find, started two consecutive matches: Victory won Belgium and Poland in two consecutive matches, leaving great hope for progress. Chinese teenager Zeng Wenhui performed well in the new Olympic Skateboard Women Street Race. He made it to the finals and eventually finished sixth. The championship was won by Japanese teenager Siyaka, who is under 14 years old. In addition, Hong Kong team player Zhang Jialang won the men’s foil championship.

Chinese player Yang Shuyu (right) defends Japanese player Mio Shinozaki.Photo: Zhang Xiaoyu, a reporter for Xinhua News Agency

In the gold medal list, the Japanese team, which swept three golds that day, finished first with 8 gold, 2 silver and 3 bronze. The U.S. team finished second with 7 gold, 3 silver and 4 bronze. The Chinese team finished third with 6 gold, 5 silver and 7th bronze. The Chinese team still ranks first in the total number of medals.

Outside the stadium, the International Olympic Committee announced that Olympic medal winners could take off their masks for a short time from the podium to get a group photo. The Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee revealed that athletes infected with the new crown pneumonia virus can continue to play on the field after asymptomatic conditions after the end of the quarantine period and meet the relevant conditions. By the 26th, a total of 148 people involved in the Olympics had been diagnosed as positive, including 16 athletes.

20 gold medals will be determined on the 27th. The Chinese military has the opportunity to make gold at many events. In addition, the women’s three main goals are played together. Their performance is worth the wait.

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