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Original name: Tongrentang outdated honey storm exposed major problems "old brand" adhere to credibility

On December 16, the news of "Tongrentang's Last Honey Acquisition" attracted attention. The event was due to the fact that the previous evening, Jiangsu TV City Channel unveiled the Yancheng Golden Bee Company's alleged breach of honey, including changes in brands. Yancheng Golden Bee is the trust and processing unit of the Tongrentang Bee Industry Company. Tongrentang Bee Industry is a subsidiary of Beijing Tongrentang Co., Ltd.

Tongrentang Co., Ltd's 16th declaration states that honey returns to the raw material stock has not been found, and the change in the label may also be a misuse of factory site transfer and the products have not entered the market.

As we all know, Tong Ren Tang started with the pharmaceutical industry, and the principles and processes of food and honey production and manufacturing are completely different from traditional Chinese medicine. Mehuala is a subsidiary of the Tong Ren Tang Group and Tong Ren Tang Bee Industry's net profit in 2017 was 0.15% of Tong Ren Tang's shares.

Even though the golden bee who is directly involved in the event is not a subsidiary of Tong Ren Tang but only a subscription company, it also reveals the neglect of the Tong Ren Tang regime. Tong Ren Tang pointed out in his statement that this is the lack of control and control of the Tong Ren Tang beekeeping sector. Tong Ren Tang should however see that this public answer is not small, and not just the reaction to Tong Ren Tang's beekeeping. Although Tong Ren Tang is the periphery of Tong Ren Tang, it is related to Tong Ren Tang, a "free rider" of Tong Ren Tang's main business image and historical reputation.

If consumers are willing to believe that Tong Ren Tang has a market brand value, it may not believe that this honey is a nourishing value of medicines but it is not Tong Ren Tang. The trust in education of old material resources. Although the industrial technology process is different, the scientific nature of process management and the emphasis on "conscience" in human input should be consistent. If Tong Ren Tang can not effectively block the illegal use of raw materials from processing units ordered by honey, why would the public be convinced that they do not have such problems when they buy raw materials for Chinese medicines across the country?

Tongrentang is a family business. Past Generation Leaders inherited the family's own interests and created the credibility of the company "repairing the invisible, knowing the truth", which also constituted the credibility of the company. With Shi Shiyi, Tong Ren Tang has become a state-owned company, and the CEO works only. At the same time, like many of the old brands, they have become modern companies with offices around the country and a business scope extending to several industries. The difficulties in gaining and managing revenue have multiplied. The use of scientific and technical quality control equipment also enables entrepreneurs to better control their quality than their ancestors. Searching for product quality must be the beginning and pursuit of the business. This is not only the responsibility of the majority of the commercial interests of the shareholders but also of the company's main responsibility for society.

Tong Ren Tang is a lucky, old brand that can "consume". Today, without effort, people can use the three words of the parents to earn money. However, "the love of love," the customer's belief in the old name is even more tarnished. This honeycomb, if it occurs in a normal food and drug company, may not be a national news item, and now people have an "old brand that does not meet expectations", they are grinning. The management of the old name must not have the idea that "everybody makes a mistake, I can not make the same mistakes", but should be more conscientious and work cautiously except that their predecessors do not, but also the "real name". "A picture that pleases the market.

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