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Wang Zhongwang! Real Madrid three consecutive championships before ancient times 4 times to win the pressure against Barcelona _ Solari

Original name: Wang Zhongwang! Real Madrid three consecutive championships before ancient times 4 times to win the pressure of Barcelona

Compared to Kashima Antler, who was defeated two years ago in the World Cup final, the second host in Asia, Abu Dhabi, Real Madrid, won Al Ain. In 2018, the Galaxy fleet did not complete three consecutive championships in the Champions League, but also three consecutive championships in the World Cup.

Real Madrid's victory has continued to celebrate European teams' six-year World Club Cup production since 2012. Last time the non-European team won the World Club Cup in 2012 when Chelsea lost to the division. Lin Tien finished second. After that, Bayern and Barcelona won one championship, and Real Madrid won four times.

It is worth mentioning that: Real Madrid became the first championship in the history of World Cup history, which won the Gremio victory last year. Paulo and Brazil International have never done this.from

This time Real Madrid renewed another superior record, which became the first team in the World Cup history to win three consecutive championships.

And how easy is it to finish three consecutive World Championships? The World Championships are usually between European Champions and South American Masters, which means they have to win three Championships in the Champions League or three consecutive Championships in the Libertadores Cup to go to the World Club for three consecutive years. Real Madrid's achievements today are based on the Champions League's three consecutive championships, as the Champions League's restructuring by 2017 has failed to defend the Champions League, Real Madrid not only succeeded in defending itself, but also achieved three consecutive years this year. crown. Some people feel that Real Madrid won the Champions League four times in five years, but the Galaxy Battleship has reached the World Club Cup presentation four times in five years.

Real Madrid won the World Club Cup four times and crossed to Barcelona, ​​which won the World Club Cup three times. The Red and Blue Army won the championship for the first time in 2009. In 2011, Real Madrid has not won the World Cup. In 2015, Barcelona won the World Club Cup three times. Real Madrid has now won the World Club Cup four times in 2014, 2016, 2017 and 2018, crossing Barcelona and becoming the team with the most World Cup wins. The Champions League wins and World Cup winnings are all Real Madrid. The Galaxy Battleship is the King of Europe and the King of the World.

If you have counted the Intercontinental Cup won in 1960 and the Toyota Cup won in 1998 and 2002, Real Madrid has won seven championships in the club's intercontinental competition, which is also a new historical record.

Real Madrid went beyond the Barcelona World Championships, and then committed to Barcelona to honor the quiz. Barcelona has won 25 La Liga products, 30 King's Cup championships, 13 Western Cup Cup champions, 2 League Cup champions, 5 Champions League titles, 3 World Cup Cups, 5 European Cup winners, 4 times . The winners of the European Cup Winners Cup and the 3 winners of the Eva Duarte Cup have won 90 championships in group history. Real Madrid is 33 La Liga Champion, 19 King Cup Champion, 10 Western Cup Cup Champion, 13 Champions League Champion, 4 World Champions, 3 Intercontinental Cup Champions, 4 Euro Cup Winners, 1 European Tournament tonight. UEFA Cup Champion and 1. The Eva Duarte Cup Champion won a total of 90 championship awards in team history, similar to Red and Blue Legio.

In addition, Solar became the first Argentine champion in the history of the World Cup, regardless of whether Solari will leave after the end of the season, and regardless of Real Madrid's forthcoming three-line record, Solari is supposed to exceed its own.

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