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Original Name: WCBA Brand: Zhang Fan updated "Sail sister" and "Zhang guide"

The band turned in two rounds between the fingers, and at the top of Zhang Fan, a small Scorpio appeared. When she was a child, her mother cried "the girls want to keep long hair" and finally she had long hair at the age of 30 – although the length was just above the ears, but the accumulation has become Zhang Fan's change of identity brand: After this year she played Beijing Shougang women basketball team for 19 years, "Short Hair No. 6". "Zhang Guide".

"Zhang Guiding" has three words, but team members are not used to it. Of course, the "Sail Sister" is not that the assistant coach should be, especially in the field of training, I can not change shoes and prepare for the event. "Zhang Fan, who is on the sidelines, can not say." More than 20 years of vocational training, Now is on the move, and the biological clock has been formed, now I can calm down and watch other people's transition, all are unpleasant. "Suddenly the movement changed quietly, as a long-distance runner climbed from the field, Zhang Fan's" question mark "" Much.

Zhang Fan's "long-distance running" Beijing team began in 1999. Played 18 seasons, followed the team finished 7-year, 4 crown, less to say more has become the style of player Zhang Fan, "you go" he is never a "threat".

October 21, WCBA in the first round of 2018-2019 season, the Shougang Basketball Center located in the Shougang Stadium, lost 70:80 mountain and king. "It makes people waste, good and bad," Zhang Fan's tip sits on the side of the Reaction, "I got it." Unfortunately this day, his playing time was devoted to his retirement. Veteran Zhang Fan can only stand in the middle of the field to accept the curse of the fans and shout as a "female player". The situation in war is not such that he can "change less and do more" personally change. a.

Shougang's women's basketball coach Zhang Yunsong thinks Zhang Fan's problems have been experienced by almost all athletes who have become coaches and his goal is to shorten the adaptation process. "You have to watch players what mistakes they make, use your experience to help." They cut off. "Zhang Fan quickly found a position on the field, so he had a better view of the situation than he was." Playing at a young age, sometimes with my own pleasure, without understanding the coach's advice, but now by changing the angle I began to understand the coach's pain. "

Zhang Fan's most impressive claim was that in 2016 – 2017 WCBA finals he called for a fracture and finally got to play the match at the last minute with the Bayi team. Zhang Fan, who appeared in the arena of plaster The team's morale has ignited and rebound has also gripped. Team doctor Xiaoyu remembers that when Zhang Fan injured and went to play, he began a conflict: ". I'm sorry for him, I fear that the damage was serious, but I do not dare to persuade, because after all he is my dream" In the heart of Xiao Xiaoyu, the beauty of sport and the fierce competition was firm. In the injured hand of Zhang Fan, the Beijing Shougang women's basketball team won the WCBA championship award for the third time in 2012 and 2016.


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