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Wuhan Mulan Mountain Marathon release of Bai Yansong "decryption" How to run for a long time Bai Yansong Yao Miao Marathon _ Sina News

Original Name: Wuhan Mulan Mountain Marathon Release Run Bai Yansong "decryption" How to run long

Bardo, who won the men's full championship, is playing. Map Organizing Committee

BEIJING, Beijing, Nov. 12 The reporter learned from the organizing committee that 2018 Wuhan Mulan Mountain Marathon was opened at the 11th Mulan Mountain Scenic Spot in Huangpi District, Wuhan. Nearly 5,000 players from all over the world traveled to Smog's beautiful three spots on Mulan Mountain, Magnolia Valley and Mulan Lake, where the running painted a dynamic image of "Good Mountain, Good Water and Good Yellow".

CCTV's famous host, Bai Yansong, participated in the 11 km exercise in the competition and released an opening ceremony on the fitness initiative: "Everyone can become a runner, if you want to run for a long time, you have to run slowly, there is the most beautiful state of mind and happiness in front of yourself, we will achieve our goal. "

Bai Yansong was at the opening ceremony. Map Organizing Committee

The competition includes three courses: Full Marathon, Half Marathon and 11km Fitness Tour. The competition consists of the Chinese sports club, the Wuhan Municipal Sports Office, and the Huangpi District People's Government. The competition attracted players from ten countries and territories, including 51 foreign players from Kenya, Ethiopia and Uganda, as well as China's Jaya Renjia. Yao Miao, Min Min etc. It is a great match between runner and offshore racing.

After the competition, the fierce competition for the man The full-time choreographer won the Bago Mongolia with a score of 2 hours, 30 minutes and 58 seconds. After the game, Bado said: "The song is so beautiful, running is a kind of joy that I have never before had I almost forgot that I was running.." Women's Full-Time Championship won the Chinese cross-country race Yao Miao with a score of 2 hours, 43 minutes and 02 seconds. Each of them received a bonus of 30,000 yuan. Yao Miao said that the first six kilometers of Panshan Road are a huge challenge, and the feet are sour, so I can hold on.

Ladies Full Time Master Yao Miaochong line for a while. Map Organizing Committee

Chinese player Jaya Renjia and Kenyan Lilian, who just won the UTMKOCC championship, won the men's and women's semi-final championship in 1, 14 and 05 seconds and 1 hour, 22 minutes and 50 seconds. Jaya Renjia spoke very much about organizing the event and service: "The track is beautifully designed, the staff is very excited and the event experience is very good." (End)

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