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Carlos Fuentes, the respective author, the intellectual and Mexican diplomat, gives his first breathing


Mexican author, spiritual and diplomat Carlos Fuentes, Spanish American literature, a creator of Artemio Cruz and Aran's death, was born 90 years ago in Panama.

The boy of his father, his childhood took place in a cosmopolitan environment between Argentina, Chile, Brazil, the United States and other Ibero-American countries, he reports on the biographical profile of the portal.

He studied law school and graduated from the Mexican National Autonomous University (UNAM), later working in various official bodies until 1958.

At the same time, he founded and directed together with Emmanuel Carballon (1929-2014) the Mexican Literature Magazine and collaborated with Siemray; In 1960 he founded El Espectador.

Portal writes that at the age of 26, Fuentes is known as a writer in which he writes stories about Los días masquerades (1954), which critics and the audience received very well.

In 1958 became the most open area, one of his most famous and famous, who also lost history so that it could be considered as the predecessor of the so-called " "Latin America boom".

In 1962, Artemio Cruz's death came to work, which consolidated him with a great writer. This section has a panoramic view of contemporary American history, recalling the memory of a painstaking industrialist and politician.

Aura, since 1962, earned Fuente to win the Cervantes Award. This release was followed by Cantar de Ciego (1966) and the short novel Zona Sagrada (1967).

Franco Fuentes won the Còncio de piel (1967), which was banned by Franco Censuur and won the Biblioteca Breve Prize and his extensive novel, Terra Nostra (1975), who got her six years in writing and with whom she was known in the world, received the Rómulo Gallegos Award 1977.

In 1982, Fuentes published a play on Orquídeas a la Luz de la Luna, which was premiered at Harvard on Wednesday and criticized US foreign policy. Two years later, he received the National Literature Prize in Mexico and completed his novel, Gringo Viejo, which began in 1948.

In 1987, the author won the Miguel de Cervantes Prize, and was also elected as a member of the Board of Directors of the New York Public Library.

In 1990 he released the Brave New World and in the following years he was honored with the legends of the French Lottery (1992), Chile's Merit Order (1993) and the Asturias Prince Prize (1994).

2004 was the year when Carlos Fuentes received the Royal Academy Award for Literature and later published all the happy families (2006), La voluntad y Fortuna (2008) and Adán en Edén (2009).

His last works appear in 2011, essay La Gran Novela Latinoamericana and story book Carolina Grau.

Fuentes also worked as a journalist in co-operation with internationally renowned newspapers such as The New York Times, Diario 16, El Pais and ABC.

The Carlos Fuentes Black ceased creating amazing worlds on May 15, 2012, when he died in Mexico at the age of 83.

After his death, titles such as El siglo que desperta, conversations with the Chilean police Ricardo Lagos and Personas were published, the collection of texts between the evidence and the testimony. anecdote of the time he had to live.

1928: Carlos Fuentes, a writer, an intellectual and a Mexican diplomat gives his first breathing

It's 90 years after birth this Sunday. (STOCK)

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