Sunday , May 9 2021

Constructora asserts that Puente Hisgaura in Santander is "safe and stable"

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The Spanish construction company Sacyr replied to the criticism that arose because of the photographs of Invisias.

The Institute's report states that "although serious abnormalities were detected and recorded, they may be larger".Reasonable Invías

With a photographic report The National Institute of Road Research (Invías) is disseminated in a number of media revealing possible structural deviations Hisgaura Bridge, In Santander, the Spanish construction company was responsible for "being fully reliable, stable and safe", arguing that this is true of several structural inspection methods implemented by the company.

Pictures Invías They were taken on 1 September and showed an irregular appearance of the cable-switched bridge surrounded by a thick cement work (stiffness radius). The report found that "although serious abnormalities were detected and recorded, they may be larger" and warned that a more detailed examination was needed.

By Sacyr, the bridge is capable of providing the service for which it was designed and intended to apply the structure to the load test after a corresponding authorization.

The construction company also added that the visual irregularity presented by the work is replaced by a metal strip and that nothing is affected by its strength and stability.

In turn Adaptation Fund, the unit responsible for the work stated that the arbitral tribunal will be developed in relation to several aspects of the implementation of the agreement, as according to the audit, the deadline for submission of work expired on 31 August.

The Community also added that it required the contractor and the guarantor to fulfill the contract by 'administrative measures and related legal measures'.

The Hisgaura Bridge, 653 meters long, is located along the road Curos – Málaga and is part of 382 works that the Adaptation Fund promised to deliver at the end of President Juan Manuel Santos. It cost $ 100,000 million and was introduced in 2017 as the highest level in South America.

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