Saturday , March 6 2021

I am Betty ugly | Chapter 60

Armando reminds Betty of how much she loves him and gives her a promise that it will change everything.

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Very excited, Patricia (Lorna Cepeda) tells Marcela (Natalia Ramirez) that you are going to see Nicolás (Mario Duarte). His friend then admits that Terramoda belongs to Betty (Ana Maria Orozco).

Betty accepts Catalina’s proposal to go on a trip.

Armando (Jorge Enrique Abello) realizes that Betty is out of balance and asks her to tell her the truth. In addition, he admits after the government that he intends to leave Marcela Valencia.

Later, Armando presents his new collection and doesn’t hesitate to call Betty to thank him for his balance. Marcela Spies on her and when she asks for a cell phone, she realizes she called Ecomoda.

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