Sunday , August 1 2021

Idris Elba is the world's most sexy man in 2018

Twenty-two years after the People magazine Denzel Washington, who was the sexiest man in the world in 1996, the British actress has become the second person of the African surname who received this award, which began in 1985.

Actor Idris Elba.AFP file

Idris Elba feels like "respect and grateful" for the appointment the sexiest man in the world that the magazine has admitted people, but he believes that this Tuesday is more important for the Americans to vote in the middle of the election. (It may interest you: Idris Elba will be "fast and furious" spin-off rogue)

The British actor surprise through his Twitter account, making this difference: "Who could have imagined it? "He asked himself and thanked the release and fans, voting for him"Sexiest man alive 2018".

He also pointed out that "more importantly" is to vote in the mid-term elections in which the United States will renew the entire House of Representatives and a third of the Senate, and will be held referendum on President Donald Trump.

"Your voice can make a difference!says an actress who speaks to his fans.

Elba, 46, is the third English that receives people's recognition when actor Jude Law I got it in 2004 and a football player David Beckham in the year 2015.

Twenty-two years after people have been appointed Denzel Washington is the sexiest man in the world in 1996, Elba has come another African surname in the history of this recognition, which began to be granted in 1985.

An interpreter known as Stringer Bell's role in the well-known American series "The Wire" and later giving life to Luther for the British channel to the BBC, Queen Elizabeth II was nominated in 2015 as the Knight of the British Empire.

My new projects are a comic series that introduces the Netflix platform "He pulls Charlie"which produces and aims and role the villain "Hobbs and Shaw", the universe comma "Fast and furious"(You can read: Hobbs and Shaw's descriptions started," Fast and Furious ").

After two divorces, Idris Elba, who is the father of two children of 16 and 4 years of age, will marry Sabrina Dhowren's model with whom she made last February.

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