Javier Vásquez, former member of Grupo Nichen: mourned the death of the youngest boy – Cali – Colombia


Grief over the death of Javier Vassquez's youngest son, Edwin Vassquez.

Grief over the death of Javier Vassquez’s youngest son, Edwin Vassquez.


Calin Minister of Culture

Grief over the death of Javier Vásquez’s youngest son, Edwin Vásquez.

He is the second son of a deceased artist. The mayor of Cal expressed his condolences.

There is sadness and deep pain in the family of the group’s former singer Kapalela Javier Vásquez and Valle del Cauca to death Edwin Vasquez.

Through her social networks, the singer told of the departure of her youngest son, also an artist Edwin Vasquezwho was on tour in Mexico.

The first data show that Javier Vásquez’s son would have died a car accident.

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“Today, your early departure has torn a small part of my heart. Your energy, joy and musical projects have been silenced here on earth,” the singer said on her Twitter account.

“God is our refuge and strength, a sure salvation in times of trouble (Psalm 46: 1),” he added.

At the Cali Cultural Secretariat, they announced, “We apologize for Edwin Vásquez’s departure.”

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In February of this year, Andrés Fernando Vásquez Salazar, also Vásquez’s son, died in Neila, Huila.

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