Rescue miners trapped in the Lenguazaque mine


Authorities department Cundinamarca announced that three miners who had been trapped in the pit Lenguazaque.

It's about it Carlos Gómez, Germán Rodríguez and José Cruzthat they wanted National Mining Agency (ANM) and units National Army, Ubata's firefighter and local authorities.

Catalina Gheorghe, mine rescue manager ANM, announced that they had more than 22 hours of uninterrupted work when an emergency was announced this Friday.

"These people were taken medical center for their medical assessment, although we can already say that they are not in danger, "Gheorghe assured.

This mining accident comes from many landslides, where it was originally started to work on removing material on yellow machines to check the emergency.

The municipal authorities asserted that the missions were not stopped all night and miners were always in constant contact with rescue teams.

One of the works that made it possible to keep miners was the installation ventilation hoses, through which they were also hydrogenated with panellous water.


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