Sunday , January 17 2021

The choice of Colombia: Falcao admitted what Queiroz told him when he came

Forward Radamel Falcao García was granted by Colombia on Wednesday "He suffered" to win the minimum difference Qatar, but he retained peace to seek three points.

"The most important thing is that he won. Colombia suffered, but we knew how we could stay strong emotionally continue their efforts throughout the game ', He said after the game of Morumbí stadium.

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"Colombia created a lot of danger throughout the game, There are many options and if we mentioned one of these options, the procedure was different, but we never lowered our arms, he said.

He added that the "coffee" team get more rest for the last game of the group against Paraguaya, Sunday in Salvador. "We are calmer and now you can face the possibility of Paraguay further strengthening the Quarterly Group ", he looked.

He believed that Brazil's Copa America "is fairly balanced". He said it Qatar is a "complex choice with talented players, very quickly in counter-attack, and they develop more. "

The fact that the game was started in a reserve bank said that the instructions of the Portuguese coach Carlos Queiroz "went out a bit and interfered more with the opposing defense."

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He avoided commenting on his future. "I do not know, I'm thinking about the national team in the Copa America and then I think of Monaco."

Falcao, questioned by the Chilean press, said the team was headed by Colombian coach Reinaldo Rueda "He came out twice of the American Championship, It has good players, it already has a structure and it is a team that is always strong. "

The third day of Group B, which ends the first phase, will be on Sunday Colombia with Paraguay in Salvador and Qatar in front of Argentina in Porto Alegre.

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