This bike is a toy


The Duke family is expanding. Now this part of the Austrian brand is a 790, a motorcycle that guarantees fun and the KTM slogan says it is ready to drive.

Driving gives joy, its size is perfect so that it can drive it daily to the city; its weight makes it perfectly manageable and the best thing is to know the typical sound of a KTM engine between the legs, which in this case has powerful 799 ccm bicycles pushed 103 horsepower.

This adds the clear intentions of this brand to their bicycles and relates to riding. Duke 790 has the same electronics as the highest motorcycles in the house, such as Superduke 1290 and Adventure, and therefore has four driving modes that are tailored to what the instructor needs: Sport, Street, Rain and Track.

Each of these has its own. You can enjoy a tour of the city and with good power on the street is right; If a little more adrenaline is needed, sport is the best option; If you are in a place like Medellin, where rains have become more common, of course the rain will help you to adjust the motorcycle's capacity for your safety; If you have a suitable place to race, so you can get the juice away from this "toy", put it in stripes, configure it as you like and run.

Other technical "Cocks" that drop Duke 790 and are vital to its performance for the songs are Quickshifter, which allows you to make up or down changes without the need for a switch; A tug that is sensitive to the angle of inclination (the wheel reacts when it detects the rear wheel spinning disproportionately) and the Supermoto ABS mode, allowing the rider to lock the rear wheel at the desired time. The LEDs that it is and are unique in its segment are not far away.

The advantages of this Duke 790 are its height (825 mm for the seat) and weight, which only 175 kg makes it versatile and agile.

The truth is small, but during the EL COLOMBIANO test drive we did not notice that parking lights are not good, as the city or road turns out to be quite useful.

Neither is a small detail, and it is something that KTM has had to deal with other motorcycles: engine temperature. Duke 790 does not escape that sin. In a city in MedellĂ­n where mobility is becoming increasingly complex, such engines will reach quite high temperatures, although normally they know the driver's feet.

Some experts say that the front seat has no regulation and is so rigid that it may be a bit uncomfortable.

Thanks to this new commitment, KTM not only expanded Duke's segment, which already has 200, 250, 390, 790 and 1290 segments, continuing to conquer Columbian streets where its quality and, above all, power is recognized. who has created them all over the world.


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