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Vsalud: measles cracked, but it must be vaccinated with Vsalud: measles were broken but vaccinated with UNIVERSAL

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Although the Ministry of Health and Social Protection has been working in close co-operation, Antonio Sagbini, Director of the Health Care Association (Dadis); and the Department of Health, Verena Polo; In the vaccine strategy to combat measles and rubella, you can not count on your guard in the city and therefore re-apply the importance of applying vaccines.

Even the Ministry of Health changed the vaccine program to the challenge of disease outbreak, whereby the children received a "zero dose" vaccine 6 to 11 months later, but this does not mean that the vaccine should be applied. years old

"Although we work well and it is a national health institute, ministry, departmental and district liaison, we need media to promote the vaccine to all vaccinated people and children, but we work well and this is something visible to people," says Deputy Minister of Health Iván González Ortiz.

According to Dad's information, there are now 67 proven measles cases in the city. And as the number grows, the Healthcare Officer said, "We must always compare what happens if we have not done anything. We have a controlled outbreak, and we go better than predictions but we can not get bored of vaccinations. very serious. "

It is important to clarify that the problem has been closed, but it has not been removed, and therefore there is a strategy that has been a model for implementation and results. The Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) adviser came to the city to monitor the work done to combat measles epidemics in Cartagena and Bolívar.

"The responsibility for the protection of children is from mothers and fathers, the Ministry of Health offers a free vaccine, so before 30 November, all 6-month-old children in Cartagena City are vaccinated and have received at least one dose of this vaccine from any health center" Desireé Pastor, PAHO Regional Counselor in the Americas to eliminate measles and rubella.

This call is another way to protect children against measles virus if they come in contact with a sick person.

"Cartagena vaccinations are very comprehensive, 95 percent planned for the rest of the year, which is very important to prevent the spread of virus anywhere in the city," says a medical epidemiologist.

The emergency plan
Aim for a "zero dose" for measles in the district area, for the same month 13-30. A contingency plan went out on November.

"We set ourselves a goal of meeting the 12.912 zero dose on November 30. PAHO supports us more human talents and we have contacts with schools such as the Red Cross," said Antonio Sagbini, Director of Dadis.

Likewise, vaccine groups are added to 30 Red Cross humans, which are already added to 80 vaccines, for a total of 110.

It should be noted that on November 9, 2108 was administered 6,610 doses of zero, 51.6% of children 6 to 11 months of age were vaccinated.

This means that 6,302 zero doses are missing in order to achieve this goal and 394 daily doses are to be applied on 13 November. – 30.11. The team has 63 teams and 128 institutional vaccination points for a total of 128 teams.

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