what a purple heart means and when it is used

The dynamics of conversations through WhatsApp is very useful to know well what the symbols that appear to be made up consist of.

One of those “emoticons” that can have a very different meaning than what it is meant to express is a purple heart that appears to users as alternatives.

WhatsApp has 18 hearts of different colors and shapes, and while many may ignore it, each has a different meaning, according to experts.

Purple heart on WhatsApp: what this ‘emoji’ means

a purple or violet heart is associated with a hidden or forbidden love that is very common among lovers. According to the emojipedia, this emoticon is related to that of a little devil of the same color.

Colombian comedian Ricardo Quevedo mentions this last emoj in the routine, when tells that a girlfriend sees how a man uses it to flirt with another woman.

“Ah! Smiles are sent. Ah! Little purple devil. They want to misbehave,” he says in that passage, where she makes it clear how hidden love is expressed in mothers. This is the moment shared on YouTube:

This reference to both the little devil and the purple heart makes us understand it using a smiley in any other context can turn into a real headache.

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The truth is that Emojipedia added that also “emoji” is often used on Twitter to refer to Korean boy band Bangtan Sonyeonda, better known as BTS.

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