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One of the biggest concerns of many people is healthy nutritionamong other things, because, as scientific studies show, it can inappropriately contribute to the development of various diseases.

In addition to the foods we consume and the amount they consume, it is important to consider Schedule where we eat for a healthy and balanced diet.

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Alicia Cleves, a nutritionist and director of the CINUMED Nutrition Center, spoke to EL TIEMPO and said that “ideal is to eat every three hours”. That is, there is no exact time for each meal, but it is advisable not to miss any of the three main meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner).

On the other hand, while most agree that there is no exact and fixed time, there is fintervals where experts recommend eating all three meals a day.

Likewise, they suggest fixed times during the days and do not change the time when the usual three main dishes are eaten daily.

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The American Heart Association (AHA) emphasized it in a Circulation magazine publication breakfast It should be used within 2 hours of waking up, usually 5-10 in the morning.

Although many people wake up reluctant to eat, it is advisable not to care about it, as experts say it is one of the most important meals and skipping it can cause a greater feeling of hunger during the day.

The advice is to take time after waking up (bathing, cleaning the room, etc.) before eating. A glass of water can also help with appetite.

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It is recommended to eat breakfast no more than two hours after waking up.


It is clear that the hour lunch It depends on how much anyone eats breakfast and breakfast (recommended three hours after the first meal of the day).

However, the AHA does not suggest starting lunch before 1pm or after 3pm. The latter so as not to change the dinner time.

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Experts recommend lunch from 1 to 3 p.m.


According to Cleves, it is recommended eat three hours before going to bed to sleep, because in this way the body is able to handle food better and problems such as reflux can be avoided.

It should be noted that diabetics should “eat a snack three hours after dinner so they don’t last that long without eating.” In other words, if dinner was at 7 p.m., it should be eaten again at 10 p.m.

Cleves, on the other hand, points out that a dinner plate “must be a small portion and contain protein (it can be animal or simple, such as cheese), part of a salad, and a carbohydrate.”


They suggest not eating three hours before bedtime.

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