Actor Milan Šteindler: Fighting with Depression!


Pigs, liquor, drugs, depression. These are pretty effective themes for one performance …
"Yes, comedy subtitles are" cruel honest! "Jiří Antonín Trnka, director of the work, also director of the Děčín Theater and Úin Činoherák, wanted to write some of the book design, but suddenly we learned that we wrote about our own, and asked who decides to eat beef and dog? Is there a review committee that defines it? The poodle is nice and you can hug her, so it's free, no one crazy in the cow, so it's gnawing and eating it, so that's the name. "

"We are discussing topics we are discussing in the pub when you give something to the ex, smoking and cigarettes are also banned, and I went straight to the event center, Kourim, which is so important that TV reports what Kouřim says about a smoking ban, look at what is perverse logic. Cigarettes are selling, but at the same time forbidding them to smoke, I just smoke at home under the blanket and the dark, I want to negotiate in the basement with flamingos and cigarettes, and the police can shout out of the megaphone: Come on, we know you like cigarettes.

When did you start smoking?
I suppose it's too early … "I smoked in the sixth grade, but before my mother I did not even come forty! It sounds cynical but my mom always told me that smoking is not healthy and that I can shorten my life for ten years. all his life, he was afraid of cancer and smoked because he wanted to be at least ninety, and he did not smoke and eventually died at the age of 80. It was cancer, so I did even though I had to cut my life for ten years. my grandfather blew up like a locomotive, and he sits, he was a machine gun, he did not know if he smoked a plane or grandfather, so no one was surprised at the funeral home that he still smoked a coffin, and what about my dad … "

What do you mean?
"You're focusing, and the smoke was normal for everyone, and today, when you smoke smoke in a restaurant, they look at you like a murderer, and that's exactly what I mentioned of Tatarak." "But I admit that our comedy is cruel and not sincere, you know she looks cowardly or cowardly. It's about freedom, about freedom to say and do what I want, and it does not give me the system.

Was your father a prisoner the figure you talked about at home?
"She was, I even have her diary in which she describes her experiences of concentration, I spent a year before I went to see her, and luckily my dad tried to iron out some things, but it is still a terrible feeling when you know what is written there is a reality. it's about your parents, on the other hand, what's on Tatarak – my dad would appreciate this kind of black humor, both of us inheriting us with our brother. "

And another topic is alcohol. What is your relationship with him?
"We started to drink very early, so the Sklep Theater was created, and with our friends we founded the Baba Club in U Baba Pub, where we have a pub built on three small stones: red, yellow and green, and the greeting was: Grandma's club, hup, hup, hup We put them in. It was fourteen. "

How do the parents react?
"It was interesting that Baba Club had to sign up on a weekly basis, and so I had to tell my dad that he was more tolerant to confirm that he had agreed to visit my pub." "Mother would be reluctant." When we were in the cottage we cleaned well after the meal. found a coat in my breast pocket I remembered that on my side Sklep Fáňa Váša's colleague called me all night: Where's my left shoe ?, So when my dad asked me: What is it, I said, Boot, and no wonder he spent so much life in his life she is no longer surprised. "

You can read the whole conversation on Ahan's printed Sunday.

The priest's manager is waiting for him
It has been a couple of years since the actress has gone through the stormy divorce that has been dragging for years. "Well, marriage was a bit of a hell, but as my dad said," It's never so bad that it can not be worse. And I add: What does not wallpaper, strengthen you, he said away. Now there are two unmarried children – a daughter and a boy who are currently living in China. Milan Šteindler but today she is happy for her – his girlfriend Catherine has betrayed her so she will soon be married. "It should be a year and a day after the commitment. Maybe after Tatarakin all of them smiling and die teatterivalikoissa, as the hero. Or I'm the only actor who was cast immediately after the premiere. Finally, register for the history of Czech theater," he laughs. The premiere of Tatarak is on November 16 at the Prague Palace Theater three days later in Děčín. You can also see Milan Šteindler's Preceptor in the Cinderella show in three nuts. Next summer he will play Shakespeare's third Kings Tobias Rally. Well, of course, they can see the Sklep Theater performances.

The Sklep theater players argue for the political situation and want to "dismantle" democracy:


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