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Babiš spent half an hour between CSSD deputies and then left. He did not say the word to reporters

Prime Minister Andrej Babiš (ANO) this afternoon discussed with the Representative Council about an hour and a half with the CSSD Vice-Presidents. In the afternoon he announced that the coalition partner club is ready to go. CSSD representatives Babis explained the alleged kidnapping of his son. The prime minister confirmed that his son was formerly in Ukraine and in the Crimea of ​​Ukraine. His stay was legitimate and was not abduction.

Babiš spent half an hour between CSSD deputies and then left. He did not say the word to reporters
Picture: Prime Minister's Office
Caption: Prime Minister Andrej Babiš visited the Center Pompidou Gallery in Paris during the Millennium Celebration of the First World War

Babiš arrived at the CSSD Club meeting of the House of Representatives at approximately 5 pm after negotiations on the minimum wage negotiations on the coalition of the government office ended. He was followed by Deputy Prime Minister and CSSD President Jan Hamacek. He spent about one and a half hours in a club according to the ČTK.

After the meeting, Prime Minister of the Prime Minister went directly and refused to discuss with the media representatives. Just as it was in the afternoon a commentary on the Čapí bed that the television broadcast directly when journalists just told them they would soon learn the answers to their inquiries.


Should Andrej Babiš, after his son, retire to the Prime Minister's post?

vote: 22481 people

The Social Democrats said today that Hamas will work with Babi on Thursday, when the CSSD leader also expects interview with President Milos Zeman.

Opposition urged Babis on Tuesday, based on a report on the message, to distinguish Prime Minister's office. Today, it has collected signatures to convene an extraordinary meeting to vote on the government's mistrust. CSSD handles different versions of Hamáček's older version and did not want to leave it in advance.

Babiš told reporters today that he has enough documents to show the lawfulness of his son's criminality. But he did not know what. He criticized journalists who published a conversation in which Babis's son says his father wanted to get him out of the Czech Republic for a police mission to support the Cape Shelter.

The Prime Minister spoke of a person suffering from hyenism and schizophrenia and that the reason was reasonably timed before the national holiday on November 17, so that the Prime Minister's demonstrations could be linked to the party. refused such accusations. Program Providers His spokesperson conducted all-in-depth studies ethically and exclusively in the public interest.

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