Monday , August 2 2021

Billionaire Křetínský canceled and management of EP Industries transferred to group of directors – ČT24 – Czech Television

This transfer of powers is part of the change in shareholder structure. EPI Holding Daniel Křetínský and Klára Cetlová receive 48 percent. Businessman Roman Korbacka deserves 36.16 per cent and EPI and Energetic and Industrial Holding (EPH) leaders account for 15.85 per cent.

EPI and EPH leaders have the most influence on the management of the company, most of them in the board. An anti-competitive authority has yet to confirm the amendment.

"This change reflects the fact that in recent years I have been very little involved in the EP in managing Industries I am very pleased that the EPI. And EPH's management members who have made significant contributions to the construction of the company so far, have used this opportunity to make investments in EP Industries was and continue to participate in it, "said EP Industries Křetínský, Chairman of the Board.

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