Sunday , April 11 2021

Calling abroad is cheaper. The European Parliament approved the price increase – ČT24 – Czech Television

From the Legislative Package, members of the Parliament had been organized by Member States in June. On Wednesday he was confirmed in plenary.

Removing roaming charges for the use of mobile phones abroad (within the EU) has already proven to be useful since since 15 May of the next year the numbers of other EU countries, for example German, require a maximum of 19 cents five cents per minute, and then six cents.

New rules also increase smartphone users and network services such as Skype and WhatsApp. Under the new rules, Member States will have to implement the 5G high-speed network by 2020.

Emergencies, such as natural disasters or attacks, are also included through the reverse link system 112, and they are informed about threats by SMS or mobile application.

Creating new conditions throughout the Union is a major step for all Europeans, the Czech Republic's success, "says Dita Charanz, as part of the telecoms acquis." The limits are in euros, non-euro area countries are recalculated according to the current exchange rate of the European Central Bank and updated annually.

Member States must officially adopt a telecommunications package. They have two years to introduce new rules. EU cross-border limit values ​​should be applied in spring next year.

"The code provides operators with a predictable investment environment that is crucial to the development of 5G communications," said Pilar del Castillo Vero (PPE) rapporteur. "The new rules that regulate (the European Electronic Communications Regulators Union) allow it to respond to the new consequences of telecommunications rules," said Evžen Tošenovsky, ODS.

"The proposal is useful for students in international groups or for staff who stay in different countries and who are much more expensive than roaming," says Ludek Niedermayer (TOP 09).

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