Tuesday , August 3 2021

Chlstovic's elections were manipulated and must be repeated, the court ruled – News.cz

Voting in the village is repeated. The court noted that seven to nine people listed in the electoral list did not vote at all, even though their names were marked by elections. According to the court, irregularities are related to the first constituency, and no other constituency has been detected.

The court considered that the voices of up to nine people were always used for the benefit of the whole party. According to the court, the party would have 105-135 extra votes. "It is not possible to prove which units benefited from these manipulations, but the manipulation took place at least by the members of the district electoral committee and the fundamental right of the Electoral Commission was therefore because the use of general, equal and direct electoral rights was not secured by secret ballot," Said Vrá Šimůnková, the resolution.

According to the court, at the same time, several versions of the voter list that should have been ruled that it was also voted on to citizens who apparently do not remain in the village can not even be contacted, the court stated in the resolution. One member of the electoral commission before the police and the court admitted that he had reminded two voters.

About 740 people live in Chlístovice. On the list, where there was a total of 607 voters on the site volby.cz, 429 envelopes were issued. The fifteen-member board had five assignments that won the KSČM, which was made up of four local development agencies, to all villages. After three years of office, the Association of Independent Candidates and the Associations of Associated Settlement Members were granted.

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