Tuesday , April 20 2021

Criminologists have expanded Pelto's claims. The deputy should have bribed the apartment in Prague – ČT24 – Czech television

"In this criminal case, the prosecution was extended to one natural person and to one legal entity for bribery," said CT Prosecutor Lenka Bradáčová. Together with Miroslav Peleta, the Football Association is also accused.

The recipient of the bribe was former Minister of Education Simona Kratochvílová. According to the detectives, the subject of the bribe was flat in the center of Prague, free of charge from Pelty. He also had a discount.

Due to the new payment, The sports case is stretched. Originally, the detective wanted to close it at the end of October. Now they like Miroslav Pelt, for example. After the New Year, state prosecutors decide whether to send a case to court or accuse the accused.

Pelt's lawyer has an understanding of the law enforcement authorities being accused of accusations. According to him, he should only support previous doubts. "Without a doubt, Mr Pelta gives an opinion on these issues and rejects the suspicions," Pudoba said. The Football Association's former footballer himself demands his innocence. "As I said at the beginning, I still say today that I have not done illegal activities," he told Czech TV.

Criminals used their homes to investigate sporting events. In addition to the former President of the Police Association and Kratochvílova, the police are also engaged by former Minister of Education Zdeněk Bříz, Miroslav Janta, Czech President of the League of Sport, and Jan Boháč, CSU Secretary-General. The FACR and the Czech Athletic Association are also accused.

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