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Efficiency lessons. I'm afraid I do not give them to Kopic

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Sm ml is a big birthright, which is best with Plz in a duel. He did not, glman Courtois tried to give advice. It was a bag then Zpadoei broke the target. or pozd.

the explosion did not fall, the mind was twenty-eight.

For twenty minutes they lost the least of households' loss

Do you like a state patchwork?
Real won the earned, but the result could be a bit of a mark. We started quite a while ago, we had two or one of the swings behind, then it was born blue when Nacho had hit me. Then they were ancient and then it was gl. Then you get the usual goal. In such a case, you have nothing to do with a similar competition.

Do you think Real has promised what kind of ancestors he has given?
After a while, I looked at the statistics, as they gl: it's a lot. Last time at home they did not use them. Here it has been all the time, suddenly unclear with Real Madrid, alien tk.

Yet Plz was too close to lead. The guests were blown.
It was terribly fast. Patrik Hroovsk had noticed it there, Nach rushed me back. If it were gl, it might seem different from the other. It could have helped. On the other hand, Benzema was behind you, around you, but he did not even get into his umbrella. We saw the situation when we were behind the ten balls. If someone took it and hit the hibiscus for thirty yards, nobody has anything to do with it. But so it is.

Was the first objective of the objectives to be avoided?
It could have been, even though Benzema did it for some time. It was their first appearance, now gl, it is a meeting of the parties. Two minutes angle, zero two. You have to fight, but suddenly, in opposition to such a game, the result is probably nootope.

Two suicide bombings were arrested for arresting the ple.
In the first situation it gave me time but ermk. If I put my ass on Leopard and I was stoned, it would probably be good. I slipped into the boots, I stepped into the balloon, so the right apt and glman started. And friendly? I've been hit, otherwise Courtoes would have problems.

Clearly survive among the remnants?
It's the whole world. The most famous club, nothing is wrong. We are very grateful that we have the opportunity to fight against it. Even though I did not travel to Madrid, I took both of them.

What did you do first when you played 0-4?
I'm especially afraid they will not give you them. It would be really too much. code, at least one block of real Real could be bad.

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Viktoria Plze – Real Madrid 0: 5

Had he known that he was relieved during the last half hour?
we kissed you, so we'll help you with it. They stayed very much on their own half and went to breaks. We also had a lot of counterparts, but we did not get them right.

Who made a match against an opponent?
At first I enjoyed Benzema well. True fans say that they do not have much to eat, but that's better.

Did you miss any jersey?
I was in the cabin and there was a young Asensio, and I went to nm.

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