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Robot Matylda spent the Czech Republic in the week, the whole break reached the target –

"Would you please take me, please?" Robot Matilda asked for a sweet robotized voice. But he was not a typical trainer standing on the road and waiting for him to stop him. Matyldo was more likely to approach people to each other.

On Wednesday afternoon, he arrived at Pelhřimov, the destination of his trip. "It's a bit bloody, but it's okay to record it because of the record conditions, Matylda electronics works, because it has a leg that has cut gear solutions for some servomotors due to limited mobility, but it works," he said. robot engineer Michal Seidler.

The record is that it is the first robot to achieve the intended goal itself.

Points along the way

Matyland was able to learn new things when people took her home and joined her computer. is a sample tutorial on dealing with robots.

In the T-shirt, Matylda handled the places she was going to visit and the target pages. If the square has been checked at, it means it already exists.

He went to the pub

One of his temporary guards was also Jan Žahoř Holýšov near Pilsen. He had a home for some time before he took another pilot's trip. And she had an unusual evening with her.

"We regretted that Matyl was just sitting at home, so we took him for beer in the pub, drinking, and lots of people people were having with him, and it was great, I would not have expected a man to fall in love in such a short time," Zahor said excitedly.

Humanoid robot Matylda and his co-worker Michal Seidl.

Humanoid Robot Matylda Designer Michael Seidel.

PHOTO: Vít Černý, ČTK

According to Zahoren, the environment responded positively and naturally, and it was a surprise that many people know about the project. Some of them came to see Matylda at the bar and intentionally. At the Matyls pub, however, the stay was tired and had to be recharged. "When we were still running from the pub, we packed it again, and in the morning when it came to the threshold, we put it when it was driving the sun," said Zahor.

"Someone tried to get him out of the car seat, rummaging his legs. When something breaks down, it may be sticking with an adhesive tape. I think it's a relatively good week out," Matylda Zahor said.

To prevent theft, Matyala had GPS tracking and camera. Its location is published regularly. He was charging through the solar panel but people could help him in the autogas outlet. It's logically tired (unloading) on ​​roads.

He also had a car kit that helped with renovations.

As soon as possible to Pelhrimov

Another guide to Mathilda's style was Lukas Cermak, who was very curious about how it went with Mathilda, whether it was good for people to take him to the target, to destroy or steal him.

All of his moves were recorded on the facebook page Robotí hitchhiking or We Do not Miss Panic – towel for us.

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