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In the new film, Radim Špaček, Zlatý podraz has become one of the Czechoslovakian basketball players and he has studied in detail the unique sport of his postwar period. "I knew that what happened was terrible. I am even more averse to my past," says 20-year-old actress.

You have a story about Golden Podras, which tells about the post-war Czechoslovak basketball. What do you think about the result? You're moved.
This feeling is really huge. We all fell in love with each other by shooting. When we saw a joint work we had formed for over a year on a large screen, we felt it was true and we managed to make a movie. It really seems to you.

Did you know the story of the Czechoslovakian basketball players, who in 1946 succeeded in winning the Republic Gold on an international stage?
When I went to casting, I did not even know that this happened. Finally, when I learned more, I started looking for information. From the beginning, it was clear to me that it was a story that was not yet on display and had a great potential.

So did you try to investigate the time and circumstances in which the story of the film takes place?
I reflected on what happened to me and those around him. For example, the film my dad is a pike, so I started Sokol walkouts and I usually tried to figure out how many snipers were. I was interested in the general atmosphere of sports. I thought about the various commitments and problems of sport. And then, of course, I focused on the boys themselves, our basketballs.

Is anything surprised?
No. I knew what happened, was horror and this awareness just wound me up. It was all I had to do, but I'm even more obnoxious plant. The main motive for the film is the bending of the back before the Soviet Union and the ideology as such. What, in the case of basketball players, fatalized the European championship in 1951.

Do you think something similar can still be today?
We know how it is at this moment and it is not good at all. I hope that the measures taken during the previous administration should not repeat so much. On the other hand, who in 1945 at the end of the war should have thought that something was like that three years later. There are many things we do not even trust and who can and can be so terrible. But I want to believe in better options.

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Many studies and studies show that many young people do not know what happened on August 21, 1968 or why it is so significant on November 17th. You're twenty years old when you look at some of you almost so deeply affected do not you have an overview? What is it?
It would completely change the attitude of young people with regard to education. Of course I do not want to throw each bag of course, but I think the country's education system is not at a good level. I've just experienced it recently. Even though I was interested in many things, the system that said, you have to go there, you need to learn this, you need to read this and then get the paper. How can I motivate myself to put an end to some loss? I think something should change here. However, movies can also lead to some basic story. Let people take a picture of a subject like us, and learn more through the story. This is also fun training.

How would a physical presentation look like a basketball scene from appearing to be credible?
We trained every Sunday for almost seven months. But with the boys we got so caught up in the park and out of the exercises and playing with other guys. I think it's the sport I found in.

Outside the Chamber Actors together with the director made more than ten thousand moves together. You said that you did not even need artificial shakes.
Rite and clicks have already started the first shooting day. In front of the stage one of the actors looked at his hand and said, "Hi, should we not pump a little?" And so started playing almost all the scenes, and Radim Špaček, the leader, joined us. While we were playing basketball encounters, we were pretty beautiful. This is not usually a description, but we were so excited and happy about the project that we had the energy to share.

Zdeněk Piskula

  • He is 20 years old and graduated from the Prague Conservatory.
  • He has been in front of the camera for over 12 years. His first role was the character of Honzík Dvořák in the Narrative series. In Visegrad's fairy tales, three brothers played and sang alongside Vojta Dyko and Tomas Klus
  • Two years ago, at the age of 18, StarDance's young participant won the competition with dancer Veronika Lálova.
  • He formed a pair with actor Simon Lewandowski who played his partner with Golden Shuffle.

Your true love friend Simona Lewandowska played the love of your movie. What was it like working together?
Both of us were afraid at first, but the party party has allowed us to finally have joint shootings.

When we talked about the last time about a year ago, you said that the creators and the people around you will no longer know you Honzikina Narrative or Matteus with the trivia of the trilogy of Three Brothers. How is it today? Do you still automatically like yourself as a child actor?
I can not talk about it. It can make me rock or walk around who wants it. This feeling of maturity is something else. I have the impression that this movie might get me out of the picture of a blond boy fairy tale or series. Although here I actually play Honza! Maybe I look at Honza. (Laughter)

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